If you think sex education is too early, the bad guys don’t think your child is too young

There is a famous saying in the sex education field that “if you think sex education is too early, bad people will not think your child is too young.”. This incident also revealed that parents may be the party with knowledge shortage when it comes to sex education. < / P > < p > none, but 3 years old! Because 3-year-old children have begun to have gender awareness, can confirm their gender, and know that there are gender differences. How do parents know that their children have sexual awareness? < / P > < p > for example, it is found that children begin to reject the opposite sex, prefer to be close to the same sex, and no longer participate in the activities of the opposite sex that are often together. These signs indicate that children have developed sexual consciousness. < / P > < p > in this incident, the reason why the teacher talked to the children about pregnancy was not initiated by the teacher, but because a teacher was pregnant, and the students in the class were already full of curiosity. I think it would be inappropriate to adopt a evasive attitude at this time. < / P > < p > then we must pay attention to our own attitude when conducting sex education, especially at such key nodes. If we can’t naturally and generously tell the content of both sexes, children will not only be difficult to increase the degree of attention, but also may have wrong ideas. This incident has exposed a problem, that is, not only do students need sex education, but many parents may also lack sex education, so it is urgent to make up for this shortcoming. It is necessary for parents to realize that children are not living in a “vacuum” and that they have more desire for sex than their parents think. According to the explanation of the teacher, some students are pregnant. The teacher actually chose a good time when the child was interested in what he had observed and asked questions. In such a case, no matter what the problem is, as a positive response from the teacher, there is no problem. On the contrary, it can make children listen more easily. Both teachers and parents have had childhood. When they are naive and curious, it’s a pity that we all forget it. In fact, children’s sex education, whether you are educated or not, will happen. If you don’t talk about it, he will get it from other people’s mouths, movies and TV, books and magazines. How early is < / P > < p > early? At present, several popular picture books in China are for preschool children. I think many parents have bought books for their children, haven’t they? The third book is more scientific, objective and vivid. It tells how the father puts sperm into his mother’s body and how the baby is produced? How does the baby develop in the uterus? Finally, how does the baby come into this world? < / P > < p > however, teachers and parents should properly explain this aspect according to the children’s age and psychological maturity. We can see what should be shared with children at each stage from the story setting and content output of the above three picture books. The parents of

in the news make complaints about their problems. The child is 9 years old, and you still think that he is too young for sex education. What channel and age do you want him to learn about the birth of life? < / P > < p > sex education for children should be the common responsibility of the family and the school. The school is responsible for the systematic and scientific knowledge transfer. Of course, there should be curriculum arrangement to let students understand the body and the birth of life. Parents should tell their children from the emotional point of view: because of love, parents can have you together. 21 days after delivery, the pregnant woman had a new baby, but the doctor did not find it was “twins”