If you want good skin, don’t buy this kind of product! It’s expensive and useless. It’s too important to choose the right skin care products

The first two days make complaints about the analysis of a large cosmetic water, and several of the make-up water are tucking up. In particular, when it comes to the low cost performance of leptoni blue caviar water, many people may not be very happy.

in fact, I can fully understand that if I buy a product at a high price, I thought it would be better than other products, but someone suddenly jumped out and said that it was not worth it, I might also run out to defend it. But at this time, it is not the product that we defend, but our self-esteem.

has buddy make complaints about the personality of my vomit. I also make complaints about the reason why Tucao is bought because of fake goods. Others say that expensive is better than cheap. This is absolutely true.

although I have always stressed that buying skin care products from big brands, I have never said that expensive products are better than cheap ones, and I have never said that big brands can be bought blindly.

since some partners have doubts about this, let’s talk about it today. You have the right to defend your favorite products, and I have the right to defend my professional knowledge. Let’s take out the evidence and rationally discuss the products of large factories. The formula, process and raw materials are reliable. This is also the reason why I suggest that you choose big brand products. Some brands make a product with the same composition list as a big brand, and claim to be a big brand flat. The development of skin care products to now is not a simple ingredient sheet pile material, a pile of ingredients in a pot stir stir on the end.

even with the same composition, ingredient content, purity grade, ingredient formula, packaging technology and even product packaging materials will affect product stability and efficacy. Big brands do have the problem of brand premium, but it’s not that small brands can be hit with the same composition.

active ingredients are indispensable; what is the purpose of skin care? It’s just for the sake of better skin and looking younger. Although I have been emphasizing the importance of moisturizing, we spend a lot of money on the function of whitening, antioxidant and anti-aging? These functions depend on the active ingredients in the product.

if a product has only basic moisturizing ingredients and no or very few active ingredients, then it can be made into a soft, smooth and comfortable product through various skin feeling modifiers, and then it can be sold at a good price of 1000 yuan with a package? This product is not a good product for me.

as I said before, I would rather sacrifice a little skin feeling to select products with real active ingredients, compared with those with super good skin feeling and no active ingredients.

the skin feeling is good; I have shared it before. I also look at whether the brand is reliable, and then see what the ingredients are? Even if the online blind buy, if the product composition table is OK, even if the skin feeling is poor, I can still insist on using it. But if a product is just comfortable to use and the ingredients are in a mess, I won’t buy it.

OK, the above is my definition of “good product”. In fact, most of the time, the root of our disagreement lies in our different cognition of a matter.

for example, many of our partners don’t understand the ingredient list and don’t have much product knowledge. To judge a product is to see whether it is comfortable to use.

so, I say it’s not good because of its poor efficacy, and you say it’s good because of the skin feeling. The two were not on the same channel at all, and the argument became pointless.

and to say that a bad product is a fake? I don’t agree with that. According to the previous logic, leaving aside the hard standard of trustworthy big brands, different people will have different subjective views on the efficacy and sense of use of products.

product evaluation will be affected by different use methods, product matching and personal skin feeling requirements. Let me recommend the ten thousand times of the superior color double tube Whitening Essence:

, I say that the whitening effect is good, and I have bought it many times. But some people say the skin feels bad to die, how to use all rub mud.

I use it effectively. I think it is not only related to the product, but also closely related to my product combination and 360 degree non dead corner sunscreen. What I use is not rubbing mud because I use only an oily C essence in the front. If you add a hyaluronic acid or a physical sunscreen or foundation, what will be rubbed and rubbed into your life.

in fact, this kind of problem is very common. Take the Sisley all-around emulsion and the Yi Fei Dan mask as we mentioned before. First, Sisley all-purpose lotion:

many buddy said: the all-purpose emulsion is stable with the skin. Let’s figure out what stability is? If there is no damage to the skin, the skin can naturally form self balance, there are not so many moths.

look at the composition of the omnipotence emulsion: in the 20 ingredients, besides mineral oil, butanediol and glycerin as moisturizing agents, Centella asiatica extract and ginseng extract are used as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory components, and the rest are skin tone regulators.

it is a foundation moisturizing lotion, with it as long as you do not toss about, the skin will naturally be stable. I say it’s not good because it doesn’t match. The price of nearly 2000 is only basic moisturizing. Shiseido, Estee Lauder and Lancome can find products with much better efficacy than this.

of course, if you say: I don’t need money, I just like it. I have nothing to say, but I believe that most people, like me, are ordinary wage earners and need to be careful about their living. Everyone wants to buy products that are worth the price.

again, this is the lady’s mask. The same more than 1000 mask is supported by moisturizing ingredients, skin softening agents and coloring agents. More than 200 multi-dimensional surfaces of demetrior can throw it away for several blocks.

of course not – it’s recommended that big brands should be the first choice, mainly because big brands are not easy to step on thunder compared with small brands. But expensive really is not necessarily better than parity, or to see the specific product analysis.

in addition, small partners often ask which brand is better? We can’t talk by brand. It’s like asking people in the northeast and in North China where they are good. There’s no way to compare or answer. Only specific analysis of specific products.

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