If you want to do well in biceps, you can’t just be reckless. If you abide by these 7 points, your arm will improve significantly

Although the strong arm does not mean that the physical fitness is very high, but everyone’s training direction may be different, but I think most boys will not mind getting an enviable arm, but this is obviously not an easy goal to achieve. You may have seen a lot of suggestions on arm training, most of which are specific action essentials God, I’m not going to talk about the essentials today. I’ll just give you seven key points that you may not be aware of. They can help you significantly. < / P > < p > the hyperemia and the current visual muscle gain from arm training are usually very exciting, but in many cases, it is more like a fake phenomenon. < / P > < p > that doesn’t mean your arm is really growing, because pumping is just a phenomenon of the effects of blood flow and metabolic waste, and the next thing you may have to wait is for your arm to return to its original shape after the pumping sensation has subsided. < / P > < p > and even with the development of the arm, you can focus on the improvement of training elements, such as increasing the weight of training, shortening the interval between groups, increasing the number of times of training, and so on. These factors become more strict than before, and your arm will be more likely to grow larger, rather than just care about pump feeling. < / P > < p > as a very simple training concept, large muscle group should use larger weight, small muscle group should use smaller weight, this concept is imprinted in many people’s mind, although this is not unreasonable, it is usually only used for absolute weight, in other words, it does not mean that when training small muscle groups such as arms, you can’t use relatively heavy weight Low repetition training. If your movements are accurate and the weight you choose is within your ability, why do you think low repetition is unsafe and puts more pressure on the joints? Obviously, the amount of high frequency training is greater. < / P > < p > it’s true that we don’t need to pursue the maximum weight that can only be completed once at a time, and we don’t even need to do 3-4 times or less. But in many cases, a multi joint exercise with arm as the core can bring unexpected effects to you by using 5-8 times of arm training. First, use larger weight training to improve muscle strength And then back to medium weight training. < / P > < p > this is a part that many people may ignore when training their arms. Maybe we think that arm exercises are simple and light, and do not need to tighten the core, but in fact, the role of the core will be reflected in any movement. I suggest that you perform this operation in subsequent arm training: for example, when carrying out the biceps, you should control the breathing rhythm as much as possible, whether your core area is stable or not, make it as tight as possible First of all, focus on the core, and then do the training mainly to feel the target muscle group. If you have difficulty maintaining core stability during training, reduce the weight of your training. < / P > < p > in order to obtain good muscle shape, biceps may need more angle stimulation, and they are most dependent on the movement of a single joint. Although the overall muscle quality of our biceps still needs training intensity and volume, if you really want to train an abnormally high biceps, you need to change the angle to develop the long head and short head, as well as the upper, middle and lower areas of the biceps, which will make your hands and arms fuller < / P > < p > for example, the difference between wide grip and narrow grip, wide grip is more focused on The short head of the biceps, while the narrow grip focuses on the long head. For example, the pastor bench curl focuses on developing the lower part of the biceps, while you lift the whole arm up to the upper end of the biceps when you’re in the standing position. < / P > < p > as far as the overall dimension of the arm is concerned, I always recommend that you first check whether you have conducted enough upper limb push and pull combined training, which is very effective and can also drive the arm. Compound training is a good training program, but that doesn’t mean it must be a better way to train, because you still have to consider that the participation of other muscle groups in compound exercise will affect our training relevance. The strength of other muscle groups participating in the same exercise and the fatigue accumulation caused by other training days before and after will affect the muscles of our arm. < / P > < p > for biceps training, wider and narrower grip distance can stimulate short head and long head more specifically. It must be known to everyone, but in arm training, one thing is forgotten. Everyone thinks only of biceps, but you ignore the muscles of the forearm. < / P > < p > in fact, we don’t need to find a few specialized movements of the forearm on the day of biceps training, such as wrist curl lift. If you are in a tight time, you don’t need to do it. We can change the way of practicing biceps to bring the forearm to practice. For example, doing the hammer curl or the reverse grip curl can stimulate the forearm muscle more on the basis of biceps training Meat. < / P > < p > for any muscle group you want to strengthen, increasing your training frequency will be the most basic and effective way. In most cases, more training with the ability to recover means more growth. Increasing the frequency of training can directly increase your overall arm training over a period of time. You might say, I can do a lot of things in a day? But you have to realize that your ability to recover over time is limited. If you reduce the amount of training each time, you can get better recovery, and then use the appropriate amount of training to stimulate muscles after recovery, which can improve your overall training amount and not fatigue. Pregnant dream “Golden Dragon” is about to “give birth to a boy”? You think too much, the function of fetal dream is not here