If you want to know the sex of the fetus, don’t just point at the person to ask, learn to listen to the doctor’s “code words”

Different times, people have different requirements for the birth of boys and girls. In the past, people were looking forward to having a son. Now many families want to have a girl.

but no matter whether it’s a man or a woman, when he or she is pregnant, of course, he can’t predict in advance. Therefore, all kinds of requests are not only troublesome, but also may be rejected. In fact, there is no need to ask for help. As long as you learn to listen to the doctor’s advice, it’s easy to know the gender of the fetus in your abdomen.

“if you look at how good your child is, you will surely have a bright future in the future” or “the child is very healthy, you have to work harder to earn money!” If you talk like this, you don’t have to ask. You are probably pregnant with a boy.

“how beautiful this child is, with a big nose and big eyes” or “this baby looks like a mother, but it’s quiet enough” mostly tells you that this is a girl.

some pregnant mothers come up and ask the doctor: am I pregnant with a boy or a girl? Usually, you won’t get a clear answer, or you may meet someone with a good attitude, but they will only answer you: now it’s not the same to have boys or girls, either boys or girls.

so, to learn to communicate with doctors, for example, you don’t ask the gender of the child, but ask the doctor, what do I need to prepare for the child? Or just chat with the doctor, say you like a set of pink pink children’s bed suit.

although what the doctor said may be casual, if you can’t believe it all, it’s entertainment for you and me. Since it’s entertainment, let’s listen to what people have said. Anyway, it’s also fun.

@ Lele Mom: when I went for an examination, my mother-in-law followed me all the time. The doctor told me, but she didn’t listen to me. I asked questions, and the doctor answered them very carefully. Suddenly, my mother-in-law pointed to the screen and said excitedly, “I see my little brother.” the doctor said to me like a child, “that’s not it. Here it is.” Suddenly, her mother-in-law was overjoyed. The doctor gave my mother-in-law a white look, and she didn’t say a word. When I asked again, the doctor didn’t say a word. Really, my mother-in-law is very good.

@ Yihan’s mother: when I went to the hospital for examination, my baby just didn’t cooperate. She didn’t cooperate after a good opportunity. After several times, I got familiar with the doctor. The doctor joked and said: this little guy is not pretty. He will be naughty in the future.

it didn’t matter at that time, but when I thought about it later, the boy who used the word “Xiuqi” would be a girl. The consequence of the result is really true, and it just fulfilled my wish.

now the hospital forbids to disclose the sex of the fetus to the family members, but the heart is full of flesh, and the doctor will inevitably show his feelings. As long as we are smart enough, we can understand the doctor’s “code words” and easily know what the doctor wants to express. PARRENT&CHILDREN