In addition to beauty, pearl powder also has these wonderful functions

“Hidden in the chest and abdomen sputum” is phlegm stuck in the chest, can not spit out. At this time, you can eat some pearl powder, which can drop the sputum down and remove it.

when there is a wound, pearl powder can be used to reduce inflammation and prevent infection, generate muscle and accelerate wound healing. Ulcers can also be cured with pearl powder.

according to the record, “pearls can soothe the heart and soul”, and it is also recorded that pearls have the effect of calming the mind and calming the nerves, which are used for the palpitation and insomnia.

of course, pearl powder is not a panacea. For insomnia caused by emotional disorders, excitement, anxiety, depression, etc., we should first carry out mental self-adjustment. On this basis, combined with taking pearl powder, we can effectively improve sleep. HEALTHY LIFE