In addition to eye damage, the three abnormalities should also be paid attention to

The liver plays an important role in the human body. It is very important to keep the liver healthy. If the liver is damaged and pathological changes occur, many adverse symptoms will occur. Some people’s liver function damage is reflected in the eye changes. It can be found that the eye sclera is yellow, and even easy to see things fuzzy. Sometimes there are dry eyes, pain, red blood, etc., which are warnings of liver function decline. < / P > < p > in addition, other abnormal manifestations of liver function damage are also relatively obvious, do not rely on the changes of the eyes, other disease signals also need to be paid attention to. Once liver lesions are found, timely treatment is needed to restore health. < / P > < p > liver function decline, in addition to bad eyes, there will be skin changes. If more spider nevi are found on the skin surface, it indicates that the disease is developing. Many people have telangiectasia because their body’s ability to inactivate estrogen is reduced. When capillaries are dilated, there will be spider like moles on the skin surface. < / P > < p > these spider nevi are different from common black nevus. If we detect these special manifestations, we should judge whether there is liver damage through timely inspection, and then we can deal with it in time. Otherwise, the physiological function of the liver will not be able to play. If we do not pay attention to it after the disease appears, our health will be threatened. When some people go to the toilet, they will find that the stool is not shaped and easy to have diarrhea, which is related to liver function damage. Because the liver maintains normal function, the body can excrete bile for food digestion, and the digestion capacity is maintained well, so the stool excretion law will not appear obvious diarrhea performance. < / P > < p > however, many people have diarrhea because the physiological function of the liver is unable to play and the amount of bile secretion is too small. In addition, in the excretion of feces, it was found that the feces became clay like, which was also related to liver diseases. Bilirubin levels increased, jaundice appeared, the same through the color of feces issued a warning. These abnormal manifestations can not be ignored, indicating that the liver function has declined and needs to be treated in time. < / P > < p > liver function damage, many people will also have limb edema performance, lower limb edema is not only a signal of kidney disease, but also may be liver damage, but there is a significant difference between liver induced lower limb edema and kidney disease. After the onset of the disease, hypoalbuminemia is associated with decreased protein synthesis in the liver, which is associated with a decrease in protein synthesis in the liver. < / P > < p > aware that the lower limbs have these special manifestations, we should restore the normal liver function through timely treatment, in order to prevent the swelling phenomenon from continuing, otherwise the protein continues to lack, the liver physiological function can not play, and other adverse consequences will appear. Generally speaking, the liver function is good, the body’s digestion, excretion of toxins, and blood transportation can be kept normal. Otherwise, the continuous liver disease will not be paid attention to. The above adverse symptoms are obvious, and the function of other organs and tissues may decline. Waistcoat line type abdominal abuse posture, shaping the perfect abdominal curve!