In addition to how long abstinence, postpartum “rooming” these issues, also very important

Can understand both sides of the “love” desire, but do not act too hastily, must wait until the female body fully recovered after the start. If a woman gives birth naturally, it can be carried out about two months after delivery. At this time, the woman’s body is almost recovered. After a comprehensive examination 42 days after delivery, the time for the first sexual “love” should be decided according to the doctor’s advice. If a woman has a caesarean section, in addition to the recovery of her body organs, the knife edge also needs to be restored. It takes a little longer than natural labor, about three months. < / P > < p > it’s a complete rumor that women won’t get pregnant during lactation. Don’t believe it. Also can’t according to whether to restore menstruation to decide whether contraception, because sometimes even without menstruation, but restored ovulation, there will still be pregnancy. At this time, the husband must take responsibility, can’t ignore the contraceptive measures also don’t do, this time pregnant, harm but the wife’s health. < / P > < p > after childbirth, women’s body will be relatively weak, their resistance rate will be very low, and they will be more vulnerable to the invasion of germs. Therefore, when they are able to live as husband and wife, they must pay attention to the cultivation of health habits. Before and after the couple’s life, both men and women should clean their private parts, and it’s better to wear condoms when they are living a couple’s life, which can effectively prevent the invasion of bacteria. < / P > < p > it was originally a world of two people, but now suddenly there is a baby, and the private space of the two people is bound to be squeezed. I hope you can properly arrange your baby when you decide to have a couple’s life. It’s better to let the baby sleep with the nanny, or let the baby sleep with the elders, so as to leave enough space for two people. If we worry about whether the baby will wake up and disturb the baby’s sleep, and can’t devote ourselves wholeheartedly to this matter, there will be no quality of life for the couple, so it’s better not to do it. < / P > < p > after giving birth, some women are reluctant to live as husband and wife. At this time, we can be patient enough to find the reasons why we are not willing to live as a couple, and then solve them. The husband should give his wife more time and space, be patient, and encourage his wife to say what she really thinks. Do not force the wife to “rooming”, which will bring great trauma to the wife’s body and psychology, and affect the future life of husband and wife. < / P > < p > when postpartum “love”, we need to pay attention to the above aspects, I hope everyone can understand clearly. Both sides should work together to make the couple’s life safer, more harmonious and more quality. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE