In addition to radiation in life, what other factors can lead to fetal malformation? Put this dry article away quickly!

After a woman is pregnant, she can’t avoid going to the hospital for birth examination, but often at this time, she will be told that the fetus is abnormal, which makes many expectant mothers very sad. What can be done to avoid the occurrence of fetal malformation? Let’s have a look! The following teratogenic substances must be kept away from mothers to be: < / P > < p > ① with the development of society, more and more environment has been polluted, and for expectant mothers, these substances are very easy to cause fetal malformation. In addition, mothers to be in early pregnancy if exposed to some chemicals containing drugs will also easily lead to fetal malformations, so if you need to take medicine, you should consult the doctor. < / P > < p > ② I believe that today’s women all know to supplement folic acid in early pregnancy, but they don’t know that folic acid should be taken in preparation for pregnancy, so as to effectively avoid fetal malformation. In addition, smoking and drinking during pregnancy will also affect the healthy development of fetus and baby. Nicotine in cigarettes can reduce the secretion of sex hormones. If the husband smokes for a long time, his wife’s chances of getting pregnant will be greatly reduced. And if women smoke, it will affect their own pregnancy. And alcohol will cause fetal baby malformation rate greatly increased, and even affect the baby’s intellectual development. < / P > < p > ④ in the first three months of fetal development, all parts of the body begin to develop, but if the process is interfered by drugs, it is easy to cause fetal organ malformation. < / P > < p > ⑤ chemicals in cosmetics also have adverse effects on fetal development. After being absorbed by the skin and mucous membrane of the expectant mother, these ingredients will gradually enter the fetal blood circulation, thus affecting the normal development of the fetus. < / P > < p > 7) mothers to be often angry or nervous during pregnancy will also affect the development of their babies, which will generally cause fetal cleft lip or cleft palate and other deformities. Therefore, mothers to be must learn to adjust their own mentality to ensure that the baby can develop healthily. < / P > < p > 008 for elderly pregnant women, fetal malformation is also very common, because when women get older, the quality of eggs will decline, thus affecting the development of the fetus and baby. < / P > < p > when the mother to be begins to prepare for pregnancy, you can supplement the leaves, because if the folic acid is insufficient, it is likely to cause defects in the baby’s nerve center. However, it is also necessary to control the amount of folic acid supplement. Generally, it is enough to control the daily intake of 400 micrograms. < / P > < p > during pregnancy, especially in the third trimester of pregnancy, mothers to be must be aware of bacterial infection. Ventilation must be carried out frequently at home. It is better to go to immunization, which is the best prevention method. < / P > < p > more and more fetal and baby deformities are caused by chemical substances, so mothers to be must avoid going to places with poor environmental quality. Moreover, if the house is decorated, expectant mothers should also try to avoid going there and take protective measures when going. < / P > < p > there are many reasons for fetal malformation, so mothers to be must try their best to avoid the occurrence of fetal malformations. They must do a good job in prenatal examination, and always monitor the health of the fetus and baby, so as to ensure the healthy development of the fetus and baby. CUISINE&HEALTH