In October, this fruit is on the market, 3 yuan 5 jin, often eat whitening light spot, plain face is also particularly beautiful

There are fruits of the season, and October is no exception. Today, Xiaobian has prepared the fruits that are on the market in October. October, this fruit is on the market, 3 5 a Jin, often eat whitening light spot, plain face is particularly beautiful! “It” is orange. Orange is on the market in October. It’s a good fruit to buy in autumn. Nutritionist Daqiao said that orange is rich in vitamin C, which has the function of beauty and anti-aging. Orange is also rich in citric acid, which can eliminate fatigue. Orange contains enzymes that can effectively inhibit fat producing cells. In addition, it contains food fiber that can reduce body fat, and it is easy to feel full, so it has weight loss effect. Today, Xiaobian has prepared a rock sugar steamed orange for you. If you like it, please praise it!

4. Put water into the pressure cooker, the water is one inch high, put it into a small bowl, cover it well, power on and cook for 10 minutes. Good oranges are bright orange or dark yellow; the bottom of the orange is a small gray circle; from the side, the end with a long handle is concave. Too mature pale yellow, green and skin hole orange are not qualified. The bottom is not a small circle, but a small dot, and the end of the long handle is protruding, which is generally sour. 2. Thin skin, through the orange peel can smell bursts of fragrance, with a hand gently pinch the skin will come out some oil is also a good orange. To preserve oranges, a small amount of baking soda can be dissolved in water, and then the oranges are dipped in baking soda water. After they are taken out and allowed to air dry naturally, the baking soda water forms a protective film on the surface of the oranges, which can be sealed and stored in a fresh-keeping bag. The orange treated in this way can be preserved for 1-3 months. Oranges are not suitable for ice=“ ” target=”_ blank” rel=”noopener”>HEALTHY LIFE