In order to give birth to the Leo baby, he Junxiang asked his wife to have a caesarean section 14 days in advance

When a pregnant mother is pregnant, she prays for her baby to be born in full term and land healthily. In the past, when medical technology was not developed, most pregnant mothers could only give birth naturally. At that time, they were most afraid of meeting premature infants.

recently, male star he Junxiang has caused controversy because of “allowing his wife to have a cesarean section 14 days in advance”, and the reason why he asked his wife to have a caesarean section is also puzzling.

he Junxiang said that the reason why he didn’t want his daughter to be born during Virgo is that Virgo’s personality is too “turtle hair”.

but many netizens didn’t buy it. Some netizens said frankly: in order to choose a good constellation and let his wife have a caesarean section, it’s unreasonable. He is indeed a “cruel man”.

generally speaking, after 37 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant mothers can choose caesarean section according to their own conditions, but it is better to choose caesarean section around 39 weeks.

Chinese mothers all know that a fetus at 37 weeks of gestation is a full-term baby, but American gynecologists believe that only after 39 weeks of gestation can the fetus fully develop.

the organ development of the fetus at 37 weeks of gestation is basically complete if the fetus is well developed. If the fetal development is slow, the fetal organ development may not be complete.

physical fitness, IQ and EQ development are different. In addition to organ development, the physical quality of newborns born at 37 weeks of gestation and 39 weeks of gestation are also different.

However, children’s IQ is not only related to their innate development, but also related to their parents’ IQ, as well as the acquired factors. So parents don’t have to worry too much.

the probability of complications in the fetus at 37 weeks of gestation is higher than that in the fully developed 39 weeks fetus, and the incidence of complications in the fetus at 37 weeks of gestation is higher.

if the fetus touches the uterine wall, it is easy to be dangerous. In addition, 40 weeks pregnant mother, the risk of placental aging will increase, pregnant mother childbirth prone to risk. CUISINE&HEALTH