In September, chicken soup and bone soup stood aside. Recently, the soup that my family often drinks is boiled for 3 yuan, which can moisten and dry

In September after autumn, the climate is relatively dry, and various kinds of soup are indispensable in daily diet. During this period, I often choose to make soup with vegetables, which is more light than chicken soup and bone soup. Wax gourd and kelp soup is a kind of soup that I often make recently. Simple collocation is good for moistening and removing dryness. The cost of this bowl of kelp and wax gourd soup can be boiled for a pot with a cost of 3 yuan, which is fragrant and delicious, The taste is very rich. My parents and children like this kind of soup very much. Every time we serve it, we can drink it all. The ingredients of wax gourd and kelp soup are ordinary, and it takes a short time. It’s easy to make a nutritious and delicious soup. Next, I’ll subdivide the practice of wax gourd and kelp soup for you. < / P > < p > production process: the first step is to prepare an appropriate amount of kelp slices, soak them in water with white vinegar for a while, rub them clean, control the water for use, make a small piece of wax gourd, peel off the skin; < / P > < p > second, cut the wax gourd into small pieces, and then wash the two chives, control the water, cut into scallions, soak the shrimp skin in water for a while, and filter the water; < / P > < p > the second step is to cut the white gourd into small pieces, and then cut the scallion into green onion slices, and then soak the shrimp skin in the water for a while and filter the In the third step, add edible oil to the frying pan, heat it up, add scallion, stir fry it over a small heat to produce fragrance, put wax gourd and kelp together in the pot, stir fry evenly, and add salt according to your taste; < / P > < p > Step 5, it will be cooked when the wax gourd is boiled to transparency for about 10 minutes. After turning off the fire, put the prepared wax gourd and kelp soup in the bowl, You can enjoy it at the table. < / P > < p > summary: Although both wax gourd and kelp are vegetarian, they have rich value, especially when they are combined together, they can play a very good effect. First of all, wax gourd has a fresh and juicy taste, and the soup used for cooking tastes quite good. Eating wax gourd properly can also help clear away heat and reduce swelling. Kelp, as a natural sea vegetable, has low heat However, minerals are extremely rich, and proper eating will also help very much. Therefore, in September, chicken soup and bone soup have to stand aside. It costs 3 yuan to cook a pot of soup, moisten and dry. My family often drinks it recently, and the value of vegetable soup will be very rich. Those who like it should not miss this study. < / P > < p > 1. Wax gourd can be sliced or cut into pieces according to personal preference. Remember not to cut it too thin, otherwise it is not easy to cook, and it is easy to melt into the soup. Kelp slices with kelp taste better than shredded kelp. If you are worried about the fishy smell of shrimp skin, you can soak it in wine or leave it alone. < / P > < p > 2. Put all the ingredients in advance Stir fry, the soup is more delicious, but also can increase the milk white soup, this soup does not need to add too much seasoning, simple collocation can highlight the cleaning of the ingredients themselves; < / P > < p > 3, wax gourd and kelp are very easy to cook, so do not need to add too much water, simply boil it. If you want the soup to become milky white, use lard instead of plants when cooking Oil, the effect will be very good, after the pot can be added according to the personal taste of white pepper, can help to increase the flavor. < / P > < p > this kelp and wax gourd soup costs 3 yuan to cook a pot, which is delicious and healthy. If you think the soup is good, you are welcome to collect it and learn it, or share it with more people in need! Focus