In the delivery room, pregnant mothers will suddenly have such “physiological needs”. Doctor: normal, there is no need to be embarrassed

Childbirth is the last link of a woman’s pregnancy. For mothers who choose to have a natural birth, in addition to “pain”, there may be some embarrassing “physiological needs”.

everyone’s impression of natural childbirth may be “painful”, but some Baoma’s impressions of natural childbirth are still a little embarrassed. Not only because the mothers were in a mess and had no image in the delivery room.

before Mengmeng gave birth, the midwifery nurse asked her if she had any stool today. She thought it was very strange, but she also answered and said “stool”. The nurse did not say anything after that, so she took her in directly.

when the baby was born, Meng Meng didn’t know why the nurse wanted to ask. She tried hard and felt something was wrong. The doctor saw her stop and asked what was wrong. Meng Meng stammered, I want to go to the toilet.

the doctor understood at the moment and said to her, “if you want to urinate, if you want to pull, it’s normal reaction.” Meng Meng is embarrassed, but she can’t help it. After giving birth to her baby, Mengmeng still apologizes to the nurse all the time.

in fact, fecal incontinence during childbirth is a normal phenomenon, which is common to pregnant women. Doctors and midwives will not be dissatisfied or laugh at you because of your incontinence. For them, it is no wonder.

in fact, this is really just a normal physiological reaction. We should know that when giving birth, the muscles around the opening fingers are also expanding. This expansion makes the maternal lose control of the muscles, so that the behavior of uncontrolled urination and defecation occurs.

especially in the third trimester of pregnancy, when the baby has entered the basin, the pressure on the bladder and rectum is aggravated, and the fetus will squeeze the rectum during delivery, which makes it difficult for mothers to control themselves.

of course, the general medical staff will ask you if you have stool before entering the delivery room. If not, they will give you the colostrum to solve the problem before delivery.

the first stage of labor: the first stage of labor refers to the beginning of regular uterine contraction pains, usually once every 10 minutes. The whole process up to the opening of the fingers is called the first stage of labor, and the average primipara takes 10-12 hours.

the second stage of labor: the second stage of labor is the process of the baby being born from the mother’s belly, which generally takes about 2-3 hours for the primipara and more than 1 hour for the multipara.

the third stage of labor: this stage refers to the process of placental delivery, which generally takes 30-60 minutes. If you can’t deliver yourself, the doctor will pull and then suture.

Postpartum observation: after the complete completion, the mother will stay in the delivery room for 2 hours to avoid postpartum hemorrhage, and the baby will be taken out for basic examination and measurement.

the doctor said: for supine delivery room, the two legs should be separated during production, the feet can be put on the pedal, the waist should be fitted to the delivery bed as much as possible, and the buttocks should be upturned. When contractions occur, inhale deeply and apply force three times at a time.

in fact, the process of production is very similar to that of defecation, because giving birth to a child is to exert force towards the buttocks, so it is inevitable to cause incontinence due to force.

in addition, don’t “hold” because of being embarrassed. This may affect the baby’s oxygen intake and disrupt the whole breathing rhythm of the puerpera. Just follow the trend.

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