In the kitchen, the hidden danger of health is always the right one

The chopping board is the most easy to breed pathogenic bacteria. When raw meat is cut on the chopping board and other food is processed, the food may be contaminated by bacteria, which is easy to cause gastroenteritis. The most common one is Salmonella. Poor resistance, the elderly and infants may have systemic infection, the mortality is very high. Therefore, two chopping boards and knives should be prepared to handle raw food and cooked food respectively to avoid cross infection. If raw food and cooked food can not be separated, after processing raw food, use detergent to clean the knife and cutting board. < / P > < p > in order to save electricity, some families never turn on the range hood when cooking, but this will increase the risk of lung cancer. Kitchen fume contains more than 200 harmful substances, such as benzopyrene, alcohols and aldehydes. Before cooking, you must turn on the range hood first, and then light the gas stove. Turn on the range hood 10 ~ 15 minutes after cooking. At the same time, pay attention to open the window for ventilation to ensure that the range hood can completely disperse. Frequent use of range hood is bound to deposit some dirt, which will make the exhaust not smooth and weaken its smoking ability. Therefore, the range hood needs to be cleaned regularly. < / P > < p > If chopsticks are not cleaned, there will be some hidden dangers. If chopsticks are used too long, bacteria can adhere to them. The longer they are used, the more bacteria there will be. Because after many times of cleaning, chopsticks can appear cracks, cracks in the residue of food, making it moldy in a humid environment, resulting in aflatoxin, which is a carcinogen, can cause liver cancer. After cleaning, the chopsticks head should be placed upward, because the bottom of the chopsticks fistula is wet and easy to breed bacteria, so the chopsticks need to be replaced every 2 ~ 3 months. There are also some diseases that can be transmitted through chopsticks, such as Helicobacter pylori, so tableware needs to be used separately. In addition, children under the age of 6 have low immunity, and sharing dishes and chopsticks with their families will cause cross infection of pathogens. Tableware should be specially used. < / P > < p > generally, the food you eat will be put in the refrigerator, which can ensure the freshness of the food and prolong the storage time. But the refrigerator should not be too full, otherwise it will make the air can’t circulate normally, raise the temperature of the refrigerator, and speed up the speed of food spoilage. In addition, some foods can not be put into the refrigerator, such as leafy vegetables, otherwise it will reduce the taste and nutritional value. In addition, if the refrigerator is not cleaned in time, the exhaust port and evaporator in the refrigerator are easy to breed a large number of fungi. Once inhaled by people with allergic constitution, they will have chest pain and cough. < / P > < p > every time before cooking, the kitchen table should be disinfected, and the cutting board and kitchen utensils should be washed again. In the process of cooking, all the utensils contacting raw meat need to be rinsed with warm water, and the tabletop, kitchen utensils and walls should be cleaned after finishing the meal. Rags need to be changed regularly, and disinfected with boiling water for about 10 minutes after each use. In addition, you need to brush the pot immediately after frying a dish, because the remaining pot dirt after frying will produce some carcinogens. In addition, when storing food, raw meat should be placed at the bottom, separated from fruits, vegetables and ready to eat food to avoid polluting other food. Leftovers should be wrapped with plastic wrap, and each kind of food should be stored at a certain distance. CUISINE&HEALTH