Is cancer metastasis a “life killer”? Doctor: keep three points in mind, or it can prevent cancer cell metastasis

In the oncology department of the hospital, patients often ask the doctor, doctor, I always have pain all over recently, is the cancer metastasis? How long can I live? Cancer metastasis seems to be more terrible than cancer. The occurrence of metastasis of cancer cells means that malignant tumors no longer appear in one part of the body, and the treatment will be more difficult. < / P > < p > many people say that cancer metastasis is the “life-threatening symbol” of patients. In fact, it’s not. Doctors tell you that keeping three points in mind may prevent cancer cells from metastasizing. < / P > < p > most of the time, cancer cell metastasis will bring some abnormal performance to the body, such as the sudden aggravation of the original cancer symptoms, may be that the cancer cells begin to “restless” and want to move to other parts, and the patient’s weight drops significantly. It may be that the cancer cells absorb the surrounding nutrients, multiply in large numbers, consume the body’s nutrients, and also in the body If there are abnormal masses outside the hair site, such as lymph node metastasis of cancer cells, there will be masses in the clavicle, neck and other parts. < / P > < p > when cancer patients have these symptoms, it is likely that the cancer cells have metastasis. Timely examination can help to master the disease more quickly. Even if there is no abnormal performance, it should be checked regularly, which can better understand the physical condition and adjust the treatment plan in time. < / P > < p > many cancer patients will be in a negative mood for a long time after the detection of cancer, and may also have such emotions as world weariness and rage. Emotional fluctuations will also affect the body’s hormone secretion, cell activity and so on. If you are affected by negative emotions for a long time, the growth of cancer cells will be accelerated. It will be more difficult to find an opportunity to control it. < / P > < p > the best way is to actively treat cancer after finding out cancer. The earlier treatment, the more control the development of cancer cells. Being able to control one’s emotions is also expected to control the metastasis of cancer cells. To face life with a positive attitude is a good way to avoid brain metastasis of cancer cells. In fact, malnutrition is more common in cancer patients. Many patients will be affected by the side effects of treatment, loss of appetite. In this way, the body’s nutrition is not sufficient, malnutrition, cancer cells will be more rampant absorption of other normal cell nutrition, faster metastasis. < / P > < p > cancer patients can supplement some nutrition appropriately, which can play a more powerful role in fighting cancer. Some of the elements have been shown to be cancer resistant. Such as selenium and polysaccharides. Usually eat some selenium rich food can enhance the body’s immune function, better inhibit tumor metastasis, avoid the deterioration of the disease. The polysaccharides in mushroom and Ganoderma lucidum can also help to enhance the resistance, and have better anti-cancer properties. < / P > < p > the occurrence of cancer metastasis will indeed make people’s health worse, the cancer will continue to deteriorate, and the risk of death will continue to increase. But with the continuous research of scientists, some cancer has been able to achieve clinical cure, which is no longer a life-threatening symbol. If we can keep the three points in mind, we may be able to prevent the metastasis of cancer cells and prevent the cancer from worsening. Pigtail is the most delicious way to do, super simple, women often eat, beauty and beauty, delay aging