Is “drinking milk on an empty stomach” unscientific? Drinking milk has “five prohibitions and three advantages”, which many people still don’t know

The breakfast every day is always bread and eggs. It would be perfect with milk. Many people are often too lazy to buy milk. They rush to get things done in the morning, and they will make the above exclamations when they have breakfast. Milk is very important for us to supplement nutrition. It is a drink suitable for all ages, and it has the longest history.

but when we drink milk, we will also have some entanglements, such as whether it is good to drink it on an empty stomach? Can diarrhoea hurt intestines and stomach? Is dressing really whitening? Let’s take care of the milk.

in fact, we can drink milk on an empty stomach. The fat and lactose in it can help our body provide energy. And milk contains a lot of anti microbial infection, enhance the protection of gastric mucosa, will not harm the health of the stomach. It’s because everyone’s physical condition is different, which leads to diarrhea when many people drink on an empty stomach, or lactose intolerance can lead to acne and acne on their faces.

secondly, milk does not have strong whitening ingredients, and its protein molecules are very large. If it is directly applied to the face, it may cause bacteria to grow on the skin, which does not achieve the whitening effect, but endangers the skin health.

although chocolate can enrich the taste of milk, the fusion of these two substances will form a new substance calcium oxalate, which will affect our body’s absorption of calcium and affect our health. Children’s drinking will easily lead to slow development.

a lot of people don’t pay attention to the storage of milk. They often put it in a dry place, which is often sunny. When the milk is exposed to the sun, its nutrients will be destroyed, and may lead to deterioration. Drinking it will easily lead to diarrhea.

tannins in tea will react in milk and reduce the nutrient absorption rate of milk. Therefore, it is not recommended to drink two substances at the same time. Even if you drink one substance, it is better to drink the other substance after a period of time.

the ionic substances contained in milk will destroy the composition of drugs, and milk will produce insoluble salts and other substances when it enters the intestines and stomach, which is not conducive to the absorption of drugs.

don’t make the milk paste for infants and young children, just mix the milk powder according to the normal proportion. Nutrition will not increase or change because of how much you add, but will cause gastrointestinal burden, leading to constipation and diarrhea in children.

drinking milk often is helpful to the brain and bones. Milk is rich in calcium, which can help the human body to supplement the necessary nutrients. Promote the growth and development of bone, teenagers can also prevent rickets, promote height, the elderly is to prevent osteoporosis.
contains lecithin, which can not only improve the activity of brain cells in young people, but also help them to develop their brain.

generally, people who can’t sleep at night often warm a glass of milk, because milk contains calming nerve center substances, which can calm people’s mood and reduce negative emotions. Help to get into sleep more quickly, calm the mind and relax the nerves.

the immunoglobulin and other substances contained in milk and its products can be transformed into immune regulating polypeptides through body enzymes to promote the activity of immune cells, improve resistance and strengthen the immune system.

Finally, milk is also good for pregnant women. It can help the healthy development of the fetus, supplement the nutrients needed during pregnancy, relieve insomnia during pregnancy and have a good sleep. Focus