Is gout also genetic? The main problems that gout patients care about, give the answers one by one

Suffering from gout friends, will certainly want to understand the disease-related problems, want to understand clearly, their gout formation reasons, and what method can be used to treat gout well. These are the sick friends will care about. Today, let’s talk about some problems that gout patients care about. < / P > < p > first question, can gout be inherited? In real life, after some friends suffer from gout, people in his family will also suffer from gout, so many people say that gout is hereditary. In some clinical data, gout can be inherited to some extent. If your child is suffering from gout, be sure to check your child’s diet at regular intervals. < / P > < p > the second question is, can you do strenuous exercise after gout? Many male friends like to play basketball or football. If they suffer from gout, the body can not adapt to high-intensity sports. In principle, patients with gout should choose some slow exercise, the intensity of exercise to slow, do not do strenuous exercise. Therefore, friends with gout try not to choose high-intensity exercise to prevent gout displacement. < / P > < p > third question, can hot compress with hot water bag for gout attack? Many patients in gout attack, will choose hot water bag in the pain hot compress, so that the pain will be reduced. In fact, this practice is not recommended. Hot compress can make the blood flow around the pain faster, accelerate the activity of the surrounding tissues, which will cause more swelling of the pain, aggravate the attack of gout, so gout friends in gout attack is not recommended hot compress. < / P > < p > fourth question, can you measure the increased uric acid value in your home uric acid instrument? Is the value measured in this way accurate? The measurement of uric acid meter has certain reference significance, but it can not be used as the reference standard of clinical data. In general, the method of venous blood collection is used to detect, which can infer the patient’s physical condition. Therefore, it is OK if you use it as a reference, but you must pay attention to the inaccuracy of this value. Therefore, do not regard it as the only standard for reference. < / P > < p > the fifth question is: what should patients with gout pay attention to when taking medicine? Patients with gout must follow the doctor’s advice when taking drugs. Don’t take them if you want or don’t want to take them. There are also some gout drugs may cause adverse reactions in the body, when taking must pay attention to whether there are adverse reactions. If there are, we suggest that you should consult a doctor. After taking the medicine, we also need to check whether the blood uric acid level in our body reaches the normal standard, and at the same time, the patients also need to see whether their liver has abnormal reaction. < / P > < p > patients with gout must timely understand and master gout related disease knowledge, in the face of the disease, there is no need to panic. In gout treatment of some stages, we must regularly go to the hospital for examination. Focus