Is it better for pregnant women to go to “people’s Hospital” or “maternal and child health care hospital”? Past: careful selection

There are many opinions about women giving birth to children. Some people say that giving birth to children is like “laying eggs by hens”. It’s easy to get out of bed the next day. Some people say that giving birth to children is like walking around the gate of hell.

the two statements are obviously quite different, and because there are more and more such cases, many pregnant mothers are very anxious before delivery. To say that no woman can have a first child without fear.

because the whole process of labor, including the doctor, is unable to say exactly how long you can give birth and what the outcome will be for you and your child, so pregnant women are very cautious about giving birth.

now, because people are very concerned about production, more and more maternal and child health care hospitals appear. The place of production is no longer the people’s Hospital in every city, and many stars are willing to choose maternal and child health care hospitals.

now more and more star programs are appearing. Decimal is a variety show fan. After watching a lot of variety shows, many pregnant female stars finally have children in luxurious and professional places.

because she is going to have a baby soon, she pays special attention and wants to go to such a place to have a baby. After all, a woman may have only one childbirth experience in her life. She must go to a better place.

after seeing many hospitals, I decided that the general maternity and child care hospital had a better production environment, so I insisted on going here, but because the cost was relatively expensive, the family’s economic conditions were not good.

it was useless for her husband to persuade her for many times. As a result, when the day of delivery finally came, she was very disappointed. Almost all the nurses were interns, and they were in a hurry to take care of her. As a result, his labor process was not smooth.

Leo domineering Xiaobao: “my first child was born in a maternal and child health care center. I think my attitude is not good. I just asked if I can choose to accompany the baby? As a result, the doctor said, “if you want to accompany the baby, you can choose a private hospital. What are you doing here? Are you going to transfer? ”

Xiaoliang Weisheng: “my first baby was born in a maternal and child cesarean section. Within a few hours after birth, I coughed and had fever again and again. After a long time of treatment, I was not cured. Later, I was transferred to the people’s Hospital for treatment.

generally speaking, people’s hospitals are recognized as powerful hospitals in this city, and those who can enter these hospitals are powerful doctors. After all, these hospitals are recognized by the state.

so if you want to talk about the comprehensive strength of doctors, it must be the people’s hospital. In fact, in the final analysis, which hospital is suitable for you to have children, there is no absolute, because it depends on your personal physical condition.

if some puerperas are difficult to get pregnant, and have some pregnancy diseases to follow in the process of pregnancy, or have poor physical conditions and need fetal protection, it is best to choose people’s hospital.

because the people’s hospital is better in medical treatment, and the medical strength is strong, once there are some crisis situations in the production process, they can also help you to treat at the first time, which can avoid some difficult situations.

so it depends on your own physical condition, but we have to talk about the conditions of hospital beds, production and postpartum recovery, which is certainly not as good as maternal and child health hospital.

in fact, through the name of this hospital, you can see that the most important thing of this hospital is to pay more attention to postpartum care and baby care.

when it comes to nursing, there is certain research from physiology to body. First of all, the medical treatment of such hospitals is relatively poor, and the most prominent thing is nursing.

if you have good health and good production conditions, you can choose maternal and child health care hospital. If you pay more attention to production conditions and postpartum recovery conditions, you can also choose this kind of hospital.

the only bad thing about this kind of hospital is that there are more interns, because this kind of hospital is easy to enter, so many interns will go to the maternal and child health care hospital for internship first, so if you are not lucky, it’s hard to say.

first of all, this is to determine whether our production conditions meet the requirements, so that we can make the best decision, because the focus of people’s Hospital and maternal and child health hospital is not the same.

if we go to the wrong hospital carelessly, it will be more troublesome. After all, production is really important, and it will endanger our lives at any time. We’d better be cautious. CUISINE&HEALTH