Is it good or bad for people who are addicted to smoking to quit suddenly? Tell you the truth

We all know that smoking for a long time will bring great harm to our health. Now some people who are addicted to smoking also choose to quit smoking for their health. As a bystander, you will feel that quitting smoking is good for your health, but for those who are addicted to smoking, the uncomfortable feeling of

suddenly makes them have a question: suddenly starting to quit smoking, everyone says yes, but how can I feel so uncomfortable? Is it good or bad for the body?

the answer is undoubtedly: quitting smoking is good for your health. But why do people who are addicted to smoking suddenly quit smoking and still feel uncomfortable? There are the following reasons:

imagine that if one day your cat, who has been with you for ten years, disappears from your home, will you feel empty, uncomfortable, and always feel less. In the same way, if you smoke for a long time, cigarettes will become something you don’t lack. If you quit smoking suddenly, you will feel lost. This kind of loss will lead to inattention, place all hopes on food, and make appetite seem bigger. In fact, it’s all psychological effects.

the main component of tobacco is nicotine, which makes people easily feel dependent. That’s why once smokers come into contact with cigarettes, they will continue to smoke. The longer they stay, the greater their addiction.

if you quit smoking suddenly, it means that you stop smoking nicotine suddenly, and you will feel anxious. To a certain extent, it will affect the function of endocrine system and digestive system of the body. There may be constipation and so on.

nicotine can also promote metabolism in the body, which can make energy burn faster. After quitting smoking, nicotine will not be inhaled, and metabolism will slowly return to normal level, which will lead to weight gain of smokers.

these factors can cause people who are addicted to smoking to feel uncomfortable when they suddenly quit smoking, but it’s only temporary. In fact, it’s a good start to change our mind. Because a person who often smokes suddenly does not smoke, he will feel as if he has lost something he can rely on in an instant. If he is empty, he will feel impetuous, restless, worried and panicked. They may also choose to lose their temper, sleep and other ways to vent their emotions.

although there will be feelings of maladjustment, in order to return a healthy body and change happy faces of family members. In the face of the protracted war of quitting smoking, we still have to choose to persist and work hard. Victory is ahead, and we will inevitably suffer from dark panic before dawn.

therefore, smokers who want to quit smoking should first hold fast to their willpower. They should not touch cigarettes on their own initiative, and they should not hesitate to refuse cigarettes from their friends.

secondly, we should have a positive attitude towards the feeling of physical maladjustment. We should understand that this is only caused by psychological factors. If we are thirsty, we should drink more water to promote detoxification; if we are constipated, we should eat some ripe bananas to relieve embarrassment; if we can’t sleep, we should read a book or take a bath, and face difficulties in a different way. 21 days after delivery, the pregnant woman had a new baby, but the doctor did not find it was “twins”