Is it good or bad for women to use the ring for contraception? Obstetrics and Gynecology director every word truth, said in the heart

Many women, because they have children, do not want to have a second child, will choose to use Sheung Wan to avoid pregnancy again. However, there are many arguments about Sheung Wan contraception for women. Some people think it’s very good. After Sheung Wan, they don’t have to worry about getting pregnant again. But some people think there is something in their body that is bad for their health. Is it good or bad for that woman to use contraceptive? < / P > < p > today, I’d like to tell you more about shanghuan. In fact, shanghuan itself is a simple contraceptive method, which can be used for a long time, with high effect and high success rate. The second is women’s shanghuan, which will not bring inconvenience to women’s daily life, and will not do harm to their health. After the ring, does not affect the ovulation of women, women’s endocrine level does not have much impact. If the patient has the need of pregnancy, you can go to the hospital and take out the IUD. < / P > < p > rejection: some women have a strong rejection effect on the contraceptive ring, resulting in discomfort in the lower abdomen, backache, etc. after the ring is put on, this is caused by the contraction caused by the uterine exclusion of foreign bodies, which will cause great harm to the body over time. The material of birth control ring is different, some women may have allergy to its material, so there will be obvious rejection after the ring. If after the ring, the body appears abnormal reaction, need to immediately go to the hospital for consultation and examination, if necessary, take out the contraceptive ring. < / P > < p > unexpected pregnancy: I believe many people think that after the birth control ring is put on, complete contraception can be achieved. However, if the size of the birth control ring does not match with the fallopian tube, it will lead to the displacement and fall off of the birth control ring with the activity and other factors after the female is put on the ring, resulting in no role in avoiding pregnancy. Moreover, if the position of the contraceptive ring is shifted, it may also induce the risk of ectopic pregnancy, thus causing harm to the female body. So to avoid IUD falling off, but we don’t know, it is generally recommended that patients should have a reexamination one month after the upper ring, do it again three months later, and do it again one to two years later. Female friends should also remember that the IUD is stored in the body for a certain period of time, so remember to take out the IUD or replace it. < p > < p > in general, menstruation and IUD can change each other after 3 months Bleeding, if as long as a month has not recovered, you can go to the hospital to check, to prevent uterine perforation caused by intrauterine ring bleeding. < / P > < p > severe lower abdominal pain: some women often have pain in their lower abdomen after the upper ring. This is mainly due to the stimulation of the contraceptive ring after the upper ring on the fallopian tube, which leads to severe damage to the uterus. The pain, especially in the menstrual period, is very obvious. If this situation exists all the time and has affected people’s life, it is recommended to remove the IUD. < / P > < p > infection: the operation of IUD is relatively simple, but it should also be carried out in a regular hospital to prevent infection during the operation and induce gynecological diseases. < / P > < p > to be honest, if the contraceptive ring is operated properly, the female upper ring can be a good contraceptive. If there were individual factors at that time, it was easy to cause harm to the female body. So women after ring appear any discomfort, please go to the hospital in time for consultation or examination, this is also responsible for their own body. PARRENT&CHILDREN