Is it really good to mention “big fat boy”? It’s not like that. It’s not good for a newborn to be too light or too heavy

In life, people often call the baby with heavy weight at birth “big fat boy”, and once the baby is born “big fat boy”, the whole family will be very happy. But is it really good to mention “big fat boy”?

the reason is that her mother-in-law envies her daughter-in-law for giving birth to a fat boy, so she wants to let her daughter-in-law take more nutrition and give birth to one at that time.

fortunately, a doctor friend of her cousin’s friend reminded her not to eat too much during pregnancy, but to learn how to control her weight, and told her what adverse consequences would happen if her fetus was overweight.

“if you are overweight, it is easy for your baby to sleep and snore because of obesity, and snoring will cause temporary hypoxia in the brain, thus affecting the quality of sleep.”

if the baby can’t have a good sleep quality, then the brain development will be affected, which will also affect his intelligence and memory in the future.

“generally, a baby with a lower birth weight not only grows faster after birth, but also develops more obviously than a baby with a higher birth weight.”

when the fetus is born, it is easy to increase the difficulty of production because of its overweight and large size. In life, many mothers have to choose caesarean section with secondary injury because of the fetal size.

so to sum up, for the sake of the healthy development of the fetus after birth and the safety of the mother, it’s not a good thing to mention “big fat boy”.

through observation in life, we found that many babies with low birth weight often have problems such as born weak constitution, easy to get sick, poor resistance, weak physical fitness and so on.

in addition to the normal range of the baby’s weight after birth, Harvard research found that if the baby’s birth weight is about 6.5 Jin, then the baby will appear more intelligent.

according to the latest research results of Harvard College, when a baby weighs 6.5 Jin at birth, all parts and organs of the body, including brain development and intellectual development, will be more perfect, so it will be smarter.

after pregnancy, most pregnant mothers will face the problem of weight gain. Some will grow too fast due to eating too much, and some will slow down due to poor appetite.

pre pregnancy standard weight = × 2 × 21, pre pregnancy obesity = / standard weight × 100%.

good eating habits will not only help pregnant women to scientifically and reasonably intake nutrition, but also will not cause excessive accumulation of fat. For example, try not to eat 2 hours before going to bed.

proper exercise during pregnancy can not only enhance pregnant mother’s physique, but also slow down fat accumulation, which has a good effect on reducing body weight.

therefore, if your body permits, you can arrange some suitable exercise for yourself, such as fast walking=“ ” target=”_ blank” rel=”noopener”>Focus