Is it true that IVF has a short life span? Parents don’t worry blindly, see what the doctor says

There are still some misunderstandings or doubts about IVF technology among the public. For example, some families think that the life span of babies born in this way will be shorter than that of normal babies. So is this speculation true? < / P > < p > IVF is a kind of in vitro fertilization method to cultivate embryos, and then transfer them into the maternal uterus. In addition to the mode of fertilization and early embryonic development, the rest of the pregnancy and normal fertilization of the fetus is not much different. < / P > < p > “test tube baby” has a short life span. This is a rumor, or the first baby born by test tube technology in the world was born in the UK in 2007. Therefore, this in vitro fertilization technology has attracted people’s attention. At that time, it was not only a display of science and technology, but also related to ethical issues, so people talked about it after the news was released. < / P > < p > however, the first test tube baby named Louise Brown is now 42 years old and still in good health. Doctors predict that its life span can reach 70-80 years old. As a result, the rumor that the test tube baby will not live to 40 years old is broken. Therefore, “the life span of IVF will not be shorter than that of normal fertilization”, which is a research conclusion generally accepted by mainstream doctors. < / P > < p > so far, this technology has developed to the third generation, which greatly improves the birth rate of infants. At the same time, the sex of embryos can be controlled by chromosome screening. < / P > < p > however, this does not mean that the IVF technology can “want to have a son, a son, a daughter, a daughter”. In our country, the relevant laws strictly restrict and restrict this. < / P > < p > only when the sex of the fetus is directly related to the genetic disease, can we screen the sex of the fetus by IVF technology. For example, in a family with hemophilia, the doctor will control the sex of the fetus only after the husband and wife agree for the sake of eugenics. < / P > < p > couples who meet the national regulations must have marriage certificate, ID card, birth permit and other relevant documents. That is to say, within the scope permitted by the state and in accordance with the relevant legal provisions, the couple will have the opportunity to have the operation. < / P > < p > the physical conditions meet the requirements of the operation. After the decision of the operation, the husband and wife also need to meet certain physical conditions, so as to meet the standards of the operation. For example, if women are in poor health and suffer from inflammation, they need to treat the inflammation first, and then they can have further IVF operation after recovery. < / P > < p > enough psychological construction although the test tube technology has been successfully upgraded to the third generation, and the survival rate of embryos has been greatly improved, the couples who try to test tube baby may still face the result of surgical failure, which makes the couples have to try many times. Therefore, to try IVF technology, we need to maintain a stable mentality and strong psychological construction, and make sufficient psychological preparation before we can have a better chance to hear the good news. < / P > < p > the preparation of economic conditions usually costs about 30000 to 40000 yuan for a test tube baby operation, but the operation does not necessarily guarantee a success, so it is likely that the couple will have to try many times. Then, we need to prepare for the economic conditions, so that the possibility of successful operation can be guaranteed. < / P > < p > from the perspective of gene screening, IVF technology can indeed improve the distress of genetic diseases for a family, and at the same time, it can ensure the quality of embryos. HEALTHY LIFE