Is it true that the food should be cold enough to put in the refrigerator? Scientific experiments tell you

“The food should be cold enough to put in the refrigerator, otherwise it will not only cost electricity, but also damage the life of the refrigerator.” I’m afraid there are many people who have this view, but scientific experiments tell you that it is easy to cause bacteria breeding and increase the risk of food safety.

after the meal is ready, when the temperature begins to drop, bacteria begin to “settle in.”. The study found that when the temperature of food dropped to 60 ℃, bacteria began to grow; when the temperature dropped to 30 ℃ ~ 40 ℃, bacteria would be very happy and vigorous reproduction; when the temperature dropped to 4 ℃, most bacteria would stop and enter into dormancy. Therefore, 4 ℃ ~ 60 ℃ is also known as the “dangerous temperature zone” of food. The cooked food should be cooled to below 4 ℃ as soon as possible to avoid bacterial proliferation. The World Health Organization also recommends that food should not be stored at room temperature for more than two hours.

many people are worried that putting hot food directly in will damage the refrigerator. In fact, the refrigeration efficiency of today’s refrigerators has been greatly improved. Although putting hot dishes in the refrigerator will slightly increase the burden of the refrigerator and also consume a little more electricity, they are all within the normal operation range of the refrigerator. It’s not a pity to spend more on electricity than bacteria that cause food to go bad. After all, safety is the most important thing. Therefore, in order to prevent the growth of bacteria, the best way is to put it into the refrigerator while it is hot. Of course, when it’s hot, it doesn’t mean to put it in when it’s just out of the pot and very hot. It can be packed in a fresh-keeping box or bag in advance, put it under room temperature for a while, and refrigerate or freeze it before 60 ℃.

it should be noted that refrigerators can not kill bacteria, but inhibit them, and a few bacteria can still grow in refrigerators. Therefore, the food put into the refrigerator should also be eaten as soon as possible and fully heated before eating. Focus