Is “medical beauty mask” so useful? The doctor will give you a comprehensive interpretation

medical beauty mask as if it were raining flowers on all platforms this year, and it was all blown up. But the unit price of the medical beauty mask is really not cheap. Is the medical beauty mask really worth entering?

generally speaking, the “beauty mask” commonly used in our mouth is claimed: compared with our daily mask, the ingredients are more single. The functions are mainly moisturizing and repairing, which have better protection and repair effects on the skin.

, in addition, there is a special evaluation and identification of “medical mask”. It is mentioned in the article that we must recognize the mask, otherwise it is a fake.

but in fact, as early as January this year, the official website of China’s State Administration of drug control was released. It clearly pointed out that these propaganda slogans which bind the mask and medical function are misleading and exaggerated. Suspicion of medical beauty mask, machine name, mask and so on are all for the convenience of ordinary users to understand and spread. In other words, in fact, such words as cosmetology, medical skin care and medical beauty mask are the “false concepts” that we often hear in the skin beauty bloggers. < / P > < p > in fact, as early as 2019, China’s food and drug administration has clearly stipulated that there is no concept of “cosmeceuticals” in national laws and regulations. Products registered or registered in the name of cosmetics claim that the concepts of “medicated makeup” and “medical skin care products” are illegal.

and now we see the so-called “brand size mask”, which is actually medical dressing in our medicine, that is, medical cold compress paste, which belongs to the category of medical devices. < p > < p > medical cold compress belongs to our medical devices. The medical devices are divided into three categories, the degree of supervision is: Class III > class II > class I, and the medical cold compress belongs to class I medical devices.

simply summed up that the so-called “beauty mask” is indeed a medical device product, but in fact it is a medical cold compress paste instead of a mask. Its role is to treat soft tissue injury, which is generally used for healing wounds after laser treatment. < / P > < p > but if you put these medical dressings and cold compress stickers on the shelves, don’t you sound like you want to buy them? So the name of “medical mask” is changed into a hottest net red product. < / P > < p > sensitive skin will generally choose mild products, but how to choose? If you want to choose medical skin care products, you should pay attention to the use of class II medical devices, which are generally recommended by doctors for use by postoperative people, without stimulation. As a matter of fact, it’s better for us to pay attention to the beauty of medical products= target=_ blank>Next