Is musk playing with fire

On August 29, Musk’s brain computer interface company neuralink held a live broadcast, showing a pig implanted with a neuralink device. It was implanted into the neuralink device two months ago and is in good condition. Musk said the neuralink device, about the size of a coin, can read brain activity without causing any lasting damage to the brain. The device has a full day battery life and can be connected directly to the wearer’s smartphone.

the experiment on pig brain is ultimately to be applied to human beings. If similar devices are implanted into humans in the future, human life will become a real man-machine symbiosis, and the implanted person will become a Cyborg. What is the use and benefit of this for human and society?

first of all, it can be used to treat patients, such as stroke patients, drug addicts, people with paralysis and mobility difficulties caused by brain and spinal cord injury, and even a series of brain neurological diseases, such as Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, autism, Alzheimer’s disease, etc. If the purpose of treating these diseases can be achieved, such equipment has its advantages. However, there are still many difficulties and risks to realize this.

the neurolink device implanted into the brain adopts an invasive brain computer interface, and any intrusive device will cause harm to people. The neuralink device has a diameter of 2.3 cm and a thickness of 0.8 cm, which is a small chip. When implanted, a small part of the skull is removed and inserted into the brain at a depth of about 6 mm, connecting the chip and thousands of attached micro electrodes to brain cells. However, after the device is implanted into the brain, how to connect with brain cells seamlessly and harmlessly is a problem that needs to be demonstrated first. Even if there is no problem with implantation in pig brain, it does not mean that there will be no problem with human brain implantation. The biggest question is whether the implant will lead to immune rejection.

according to the requirements of the international health organization, it is not allowed to carry out the test if it is estimated that the subjects are likely to die or be disabled; the risk of the test should not exceed the importance of humanitarianism, that is, the benefits of the test should outweigh the disadvantages. If this ethical review can be passed, neuralink devices can be implanted, otherwise it should be banned.

even if it is approved for human trials, the outcome of this invasive BCI treatment of diseases is unpredictable and needs time and randomized double-blind controlled trials to confirm. Because there are many lessons learned before, we have to be very cautious. However, from the perspective of Musk’s ambition, he is not only keen to implant chips into the brain to treat diseases, but also has greater ambitions. He has repeatedly said in public that before 2025, artificial intelligence will surpass human beings. If you don’t develop the technology to connect the human brain to the computer, AI may treat humans like pets in the future, “if you can’t beat them, join them.”.

whether AI can defeat humans is highly controversial. Even if AI may defeat humans, joining AI, and enhancing human abilities by connecting the brain to a computer is an ideal, appropriate and realistic way to fully demonstrate. One of the conjectured results is that people with chips will become Superman and semi Superman.

musk said the neuralink device could “listen to music directly from a chip.”. When asked whether neuralink’s device can stimulate the release of oxytocin, serotonin and other chemicals, and whether it is possible to work like human neurons and synapses, he said yes. If the neuralink device can stimulate the body to release a lot of hormones, it means that the person implanted with the chip can eat and drink for days and nights. If they are soldiers, they can become “iron and steel” soldiers; if they are athletes, they will be faster, higher and stronger than all the athletes who break the Olympic record today. The question is, how can justice and fairness in the world be guaranteed if these chip implants are given superhuman capabilities?

on the other hand, if a chip is implanted, the vast majority of people can be controlled by their consciousness and mind. This may cause harm to people after the consciousness of technology control, including killing each other and self injuring, and even destroying human beings. So, does human need such technology? CUISINE&HEALTH