Is nail small crescent more better? Traditional Chinese medicine will lead you to understand white crescent correctly and not be confused by pseudo health preservation

Traditional Chinese medicine says that “people have nine qualities”. The quality of a person’s constitution determines his health condition. Xiao Ge, a descendant of four generations of traditional Chinese medicine family, has been practicing medicine for more than 20 years. From many clinical cases, he has verified the importance of “physical conditioning” and “physical reconstruction” to one’s health. Xiaoge has always been committed to the research of physical conditioning, and strives to help more people achieve the goal of not getting sick and less sick through “physical reconstruction”. A friend’s comment yesterday made Xiao Ge feel it necessary to move this article out for you to have a look. This friend to nail crescent become a very happy point. Although you are so happy, Xiaoge is happy for you, but he wants to say that traditional Chinese medicine diagnostics and Western medicine diagnostics have never had this half moon Mark since ancient times. What kind of medicine is this? Is it from the sun moon cult? Or the beggars’ sect? < p > < p > it is not reliable to have knowledge without “historical background”, especially “health preservation”. In this era of great masters, there have emerged countless cheaters of traditional Chinese medicine. Those masters who were once popular but collapsed were all lost because they could not stand the scouring of history. You may know more about the name than I do, so I won’t mention it. Anyway, what kind of godmother and master are they The circle of traditional Chinese medicine is even more chaotic. There are not many “founders” who can really be called the pioneers in the two thousand year history of traditional Chinese medicine. In this magic age of traditional Chinese medicine, there are simply too many. Even if Xiao Ge wants to call the roll, he can’t finish it in a few days. All you need to remember is to judge whether it is true or not. Those who call themselves “XX therapy”, those who call themselves “founder of XX”, those who call themselves “Wu Yi, Chan Wu Yi, Chan Yi”, etc. Xiao Ge just wants to ask you a word. Under your various auras, can you treat diseases without traditional Chinese medicine or acupuncture? Since there is a Chinese medicine, why not leave it? You can have no appearance, but you can’t forget your ancestors. It’s nothing if you don’t have appearance. A man must be talented, not to mention you can be so talented. This introduction is just to tell you that real TCM never makes a mystery, “actual combat is the purpose, and curative effect is the king’s way”! < / P > < p > the half moon mark is called “little crescent moon” by the common people. In fact, it has no practical significance. It has not been more than 15 years since its appearance until the formation of the “deceptive pseudo health preservation theory”, and the impression is about 10 years. In 2000, Chinese medicine never studied this thing, and Western medicine never studied it in 200 years, because it has no diagnostic significance. If there is any diagnostic significance, these two kinds of medicine are bound to be involved, and no serious reference book will mention this issue. It appeared to cater to the “pseudo health” and appeared, just like the “beating chicken blood”, “Kombucha”, “cutting sublingual vein to cure hemorrhoids” and so on, which were eliminated by history. < / P > < p > every time I see someone saying “cut the sublingual vein to cure hemorrhoids”, Xiaoge will be dizzy with joy. If this is true, or that sentence, go and get a Nobel Prize, hemorrhoids will disappear from this era, how much fame and wealth! You county magistrate must flatter you, ha ha. Xiaoge has also read some articles about the half moon mark some time ago. If it is not Taiwanese or mainland Chinese, it is very likely that Taiwanese will be responsible for it. The source of many popular “pseudo health” knowledge in mainland China is Taiwan, such as “chiropractic therapy”, “hand diagnosis”, “foot reflexology therapy” and so on It spread to the mainland. < / P > < p > the principle of diagnosis of half moon mark comes from the six pulse sword, ha ha. It’s true that Duan Yu’s six vessel sword refers to the internal skill of the six hands and the meridians of the upper limbs through the well points at the end of the fingers. Shaoshang, Shangyang, zhongchong, Guanchong, Shaoze, shaochong, etc Therefore, they made use of the principle of traditional Chinese medicine. The six pulse magic sword mentioned above was actually solved by Mr. Jin Yong from the principle of traditional Chinese medicine. The swindlers thought that since each finger has well acupoints, which finger’s half moon mark color, how many and so on will represent the disease of the meridian system, so they began to compile. < p > < p > the more commonly used expressions are: “no half moon mark will get cancer”, “men with short half moon mark have impotence and premature ejaculation, women’s infertility”, “black kidney deficiency” and so on. Xiao Ge still laughs. There are several cancer patients who don’t have the mark of half moon. Those who have cancer before are full of the mark of the moon. Judging cancer by the mark of the half moon is not as accurate as the six Yin pulse. The six Yin pulse is basically either in the early stage or has already been infected, and those impotence, premature ejaculation and infertility are really irrelevant to the mark of the half moon. As a matter of fun among the people, there is no need to Seriously, but as it involves misleading people’s health concept, Xiao Ge will be very angry! < / P > < p > thick enough, not too thin, tough rather than brittle, glossy but not dark, light red color, no pits, pits, longitudinal lines, such as the case of the bulge, this is the real good nail. Wang Zhixiao, associate professor, is a family of four generations of traditional Chinese medicine, whose ancestral home is Gaomi, Shandong Province. His great grandfather was Wang shoudian, the four famous doctors in Heilongjiang Province during the Republic of China, and his grandfather Wang Mingxian was a famous doctor of Helen. He is now an associate professor of traditional Chinese medicine, under the guidance of Professor Liang Yijun, one of the first batch of national famous traditional Chinese medicine experts of the State Council, and the successor of Liang Yijun studio of State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine. He has visited Yanhuang National Hospital of dongdiaoyutai and Taiyi Museum of taishenxianghe health industry group for more than 20 years. He studied with Professor Liang Yijun, Professor Xie Ziheng, Professor Fang Heqian, Professor Xu Zhensheng, Professor Song Zuoming, Professor Wei Beihai, and Professor Yang Daqi. Thank you for watching. Xiaoge has always been committed to the research of physical conditioning, striving to help more people achieve less and less illness through “physical reconstruction”. After pregnancy, do not let the wife do these five kinds of housework, the husband should be responsible for it, otherwise it is easy to hurt the fetus!