Is reflux esophagitis serious? How to prevent it? Doctor: do these three things well. It will stay away from you

For reflux esophagitis, although not as terrible as cancer, but its symptoms often seriously affect the quality of life of patients, so if it is reflux esophagitis, must be treated in time. < / P > < p > for the symptoms you described, it may be reflux esophagitis, but whether it is reflux esophagitis or not needs to be determined by combining with relevant examinations. The first is gastroscopy. Gastroscopy can be said to be the first choice and must do an examination, because it is the most accurate method for the diagnosis of reflux esophagitis. Gastroscopy can understand the situation of esophageal wall, observe the degree of esophageal mucosal injury, which is helpful to determine the severity of esophagitis, but also can know whether there are complications. Of course, because gastroscopy can obtain pathological tissue, it is helpful to identify whether it is other diseases. Generally speaking, it is the most preferred examination method. If reflux esophagitis is suspected, gastroscopy must be carried out in time. < / P > < p > the next step is to detect the pH value. Why monitor pH value of esophagus? Because it can understand the pH of the esophagus, which is also the direct evidence of acid reflux in the esophagus. It is helpful to understand the severity of acid reflux. There is also barium swallow examination of esophagus. Barium swallow examination can be seen more typical reflux esophagitis lesions, can be used as an auxiliary examination method, with other examination auxiliary diagnosis. Because it is simple and easy to operate, compared with gastroscopy, it does not have any pain, so it also has its advantages. The most typical ones are acid reflux and heartburn. If a person has long-term symptoms of acid reflux and heartburn, reflux esophagitis should be highly suspected. Acid regurgitation is because the stomach contents and acid reflux into the esophagus, part of it will reach the pharynx and even the mouth, when there will be more obvious acid reflux symptoms; and heartburn is mainly the burning pain behind the sternum or under the xiphoid process, which is also because the stomach content and acid reflux to the esophagus caused by symptoms. And reflux esophagitis in patients with acid reflux and heartburn is often more characteristic, often after a meal about an hour. In addition to acid regurgitation and heartburn, chest pain is also a common symptom. Reflux stimulates the esophagus for a long time, resulting in retrosternal pain. Severe patients may also have severe pain. < / P > < p > but for a small number of patients, if the symptoms are more serious, there may be swallowing pain and dysphagia; this is because of esophageal spasm and dysfunction, resulting in patients eating some hard food, may not be able to swallow. Some patients even swallowing saliva will have more obvious pain. < / P > < p > good eating habits are the basis for the prevention of many digestive tract diseases, especially the esophageal diseases; because food enters the esophagus first after passing through the mouth, so the health of the esophagus is closely related to diet. Better eating habits help to reduce the incidence of reflux esophagitis, mainly light diet, try to reduce the intake of spicy food, try to avoid some food damage to the esophagus, such as relatively hot food, it is very serious damage to the esophagus, so we must keep away from it; at the same time, some food with strong stimulation, such as coffee, strong tea, etc., should also be avoided We should reduce the intake appropriately.

exercise is the foundation of our health. It can enhance our body’s immunity and resistance, and also enhance our gastrointestinal function. It can make our sphincter at the lower end of the esophagus more powerful, and also help food digestion, reduce the incidence of gastric retention, thereby reducing the incidence of reflux esophagitis. At the same time, exercise can also have * Effective prevention of overweight and obesity, reduce abdominal pressure, which for the prevention of reflux esophagitis is also relatively large benefits. Both tobacco and alcohol have a great stimulating effect on the esophagus. Nicotine in tobacco and ethanol in wine are harmful to the esophagus. It may also increase the risk of esophageal reflux. < p > < p > conclusion: Although reflux esophagitis is a benign disease, it often has a greater impact on the quality of life of patients. Therefore, if it is suspected to be reflux esophagitis, we must actively treat and prevent it. And for how to treat, it is recommended that we consult specialists in the hospital, and then carry out targeted treatment. Privacy Policy