Is the blood pressure of the elderly at home high? IFLYTEK sphygmomanometer for you to do intelligent personal management

Hypertension is known as the “first killer” of health. According to data, one out of every four adults in China suffers from hypertension. The prevalence of hypertension in people aged 65 and above has even exceeded 50%. What’s more, hypertension is easy to be ignored because of no symptoms or mild symptoms in the early stage. Once it is serious, it will often lead to heart, brain and kidney complications, with serious consequences. Doctors suggest: the elderly should regularly measure blood pressure, monitor their blood pressure.

but it’s easier to say than to do. Many children have bought blood pressure meters for their parents, but they can only do “take a test when you think of it”. Most of the time, the blood pressure meters are in the cabinet.

old people always forget to take blood pressure? Do not know the reasonable measurement frequency? It doesn’t matter. IFLYTEK sphygmomanometer has built-in intelligent measurement reminder service. It will detect the user’s measurement frequency according to the requirements. Once it detects that the user has not measured on time, it will remind the user by SMS, wechat and automatic phone call: it’s time to measure blood pressure. It can be said that it has completely solved the pain point of “unable to remember to test”.

can’t the elderly understand the measurement results? There are even various misunderstandings? No problem. IFLYTEK sphygmomanometer has customized special health knowledge for users and broadcast through sphygmomanometer. When measuring blood pressure, users can not only hear the broadcast of blood pressure value, but also hear the interpretation results of blood pressure and related health knowledge.

so high tech, is it complicated to use? What can the old man do if he can’t use it? Please rest assured that iFLYTEK sphygmomanometer has a built-in Internet module, which can be accessed online without any setting and power on. After blood pressure measurement, data can be uploaded automatically. It is not necessary for children to teach their parents to use it again and again like other electronic products.

one of the most intimate functions of iFLYTEK sphygmomanometer is to realize the real-time uploading of detection data, so that children who are not around can timely monitor their parents’ blood pressure. IFLYTEK mobile phone official account is designed by using GPRS network sphygmomanometer + WeChat public service remote prevention management design. The data is uploaded in real time automatically, and the data of blood pressure, weekly and monthly reports generated by A.I. can be pushed to the children’s mobile phones through the WeChat official account. No matter how far away, the children can check their parents’ blood pressure in real time, and regularly read the reports generated by A.I.. If there is any abnormality in the blood pressure status of parents, the children can master it at the first time.

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