Is the eye white hair yellow, adumbrative liver disease upper body? Hepatology doctor: there may be three reasons. We should be alert

Generally speaking, healthy eyes, white is white, may be a little bit yellow, but most of them are white. And in life, some people accidentally found that their eyes turned yellow when looking in the mirror, so they searched the Internet and said that the yellowing of white eyes indicates liver disease, and they began to worry about it.

is it really a sign of liver disease? The hepatology doctor told us that maybe the reason is not so absolute, or it may be the other three reasons. We need to be vigilant, but don’t frighten yourself. We should understand the cause early and then prescribe the right medicine to the case. Otherwise, it is a temporary cure rather than a permanent cure.

hepatology doctors remind us that there is a certain possibility that yellowing of white eyes is a common symptom in patients with liver disease. In fact, it is more accurate to say that this is scleral yellowing, which is common in patients with icteric hepatitis, and is a typical jaundice manifestation.

jaundice is a common manifestation of liver disease. It is mainly due to the damage of liver function. The metabolism of bilirubin in the liver is disordered. If the bilirubin level in the body is too high, it is difficult to be metabolized in time. It will penetrate into the blood and tissues, and the white eyes will easily turn yellow.
it is suggested that the earlier the liver disease is, the longer the yellowing of the liver is, the more likely it will be.

in addition to jaundice, liver disease in the upper body will also affect the health of the digestive system. There are often abnormal manifestations such as stomachache, nausea, vomiting and dyspepsia, which indicates that the liver is damaged, and the ability to secrete bile is reduced, which affects normal digestion.

However, doctors should also remind everyone that pale and yellow eyes may be a sign of liver disease, but it is not absolute. It may also be the following three reasons. Don’t ignore it. What kind of situation do you belong to?

the first reason may be eye health problems, eye function damage, abnormal retinal blood supply, which will also affect the normal state of the eye, white or yellow eyes.

the second reason may be related to one’s improper use of eyes and bad living habits. For example, after watching the computer for a long time, playing with mobile phones and staying up late for a long time, the eyes have been working without rest, the pressure on the eyes is increased, and the blood circulation and circulation are abnormal, which can easily cause a series of eye discomfort, such as white and yellow eyes, congestion of eyeballs, more red blood filaments, sore eyes and dry eyes Performance.

the third reason may be related to diet, and it is related to the food you eat. If you eat a lot of carrots, which contain natural pigments, it is also easy to cause yellowing of the eyes.

the causes of eye whitening and yellowing are different, and the ways to alleviate them are naturally different. If it is liver disease, we should pay close attention to treatment to prevent the more serious delay. If it is eye disease, it is the same, we should actively treat the disease. If it is caused by bad habits, it is better to relieve it. We suggest doing the following things.

you should use your eyes reasonably and moderately. After using your eyes for a period of time, you can stop and rest for a while, do eye exercises to relieve eye fatigue, and go to bed early at night. Don’t often play with your mobile phone with the lights off. Although it’s good to eat carrots, you should also pay attention to the right amount of other foods. You can also often eat some bananas, sesame seeds, coarse grains and other foods to supplement the vitamin B group, and drink some at ordinary times Chrysanthemum tea, to protect the eyes, may be able to improve the phenomenon of yellow eyes.

to sum up, pale eyes may indicate liver disease, but there are other possibilities. Don’t ignore the above three reasons. The causes of eye whitening and yellowing are different, and the relief methods are different. As described above, it is recommended to follow the instructions, or it can alleviate the phenomenon of white and yellow eyes. Focus