Is the skin flabby and inelastic? 4 kinds of alkaline food to eat, light spot wrinkle, more feminine charm

I believe that for many female friends, they don’t want to find themselves prematurely, so they usually choose a variety of ways to maintain themselves.

aging is irresistible to everyone, especially after getting old, the function of various organs is not as good as before, coupled with the influence of hormones in the body, it will also lead to premature aging.

Moreover, when women begin to age, it’s not just simple wrinkles and white hair. I hope you can pay special attention to the following abnormal manifestations.

bigger hips. For women, they all want to have their hips up, which can show their personal charm. However, as they get older, their hormone levels gradually decline, and their collagen content will also be lost.

so when women begin to age, this kind of abnormal phenomenon will also appear. I hope you can pay attention to maintenance at ordinary times. If not, Congratulations, you are still very young.

the stomach is bigger. Women want to have a small waist, which can highlight their personal charm, but as they get older, their metabolic rate decreases.

in addition, the usual calories remain unchanged, which will lead to the ingestion of food can not be digested in time, converted into fat, accumulated in the body, resulting in the accumulation of toxins, and the problem of stomach enlargement.

so, it’s also a sign of aging. I hope women can pay attention to diet regulation and keep in good shape. If you don’t have it, congratulations. It means that you are still very young.

less hair. As women get older, their hormone levels gradually decrease, and their metabolic rate also decreases, so that toxins cannot be excreted in time.

therefore, the appearance of this phenomenon is also a sign that the body is beginning to age. I hope that I can pay attention to the idea of maintenance at ordinary times. If you don’t have it, Congratulations, indicating that I am still very young.

therefore, when women get older, they often have the above abnormal performance. They should pay attention to proper maintenance at ordinary times, and can also be improved by adjusting their diet. The following alkaline foods are good choices. I hope you like them.

purple potato. Purple potato, as a common coarse grain food, is rich in dietary fiber, which can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, accelerate the elimination of toxins, help to lose weight, and it is rich in selenium and anthocyanins.

this is a very strong antioxidant, which can help the human body avoid the damage of free radicals, improve skin elasticity, delay the arrival of aging, help lighten spots and wrinkles, and make you more attractive.

lemon. Many female friends usually like to drink some lemonade, which is rich in vitamin C, can help to play the role of beauty, but also can help women reduce wrinkles and spots.

for some women with loose and inelastic skin, drinking lemonade can also improve skin elasticity, help smooth wrinkles, make women’s skin more delicate, and let you show women’s charm.

zaojiaomi. Zaojiao rice can help to nourish yin and moisturize skin, promote ovarian metabolism, promote the secretion of estrogen in the body, improve the elasticity of the skin, and reduce wrinkles and spots.

quinoa. In fact, when women get older, they often eat Limai, which is rich in flavonoids and has a similar structure to estrogen in the body. It can help women nourish their ovaries and replenish the estrogen they need.

help maintain skin, improve the generation of women’s skin relaxation and other problems, fade wrinkles and spots, make women’s skin more smooth and delicate, realize reverse growth, and have more feminine charm. Focus