Is the tumor often found in late stage? The problem lies in these aspects, 4 parts had better be checked regularly

Some tumors are highly malignant and develop rapidly, such as leukemia, pancreatic tumor and liver tumor. Some tumors, such as papillary thyroid tumors, which are usually smaller than 1 cm in diameter, will not continue to develop. < / P > < p > immunity is very important to the human body. If the immunity in the human body is very strong, it can identify and kill the viruses and bacteria that invade the human body. Therefore, when cells just become tumor, they will be destroyed by immune cells, but they may also coexist peacefully with the immune system. On the contrary, people with poor immunity, a little stimulation will make the tumor cells grow rapidly. When they go to the hospital for examination, they have been diagnosed as advanced cancer. There is no direct relationship between tumor detection methods and the occurrence and development of tumors, but tumor cells in vivo cannot be detected by naked eyes alone. CT or MRI and other imaging examinations can find a small tumor, but the tumor contains nearly one billion tumor cells, which are formed by normal cell mitosis. At the beginning, it can not be found by naked eyes. Even if the imaging examination is carried out, tumor cells can not be found. Only when the tumor cells develop to a certain extent, can they be diagnosed, but it is too late. < / P > < p > when I went to the hospital for a stool examination, I found that everything was normal. Most people thought that there should be no problem. But not all early rectal tumors will appear abnormal stool, if you want to diagnose whether you have early colorectal cancer, the best way is to do colonoscopy. The incidence rate of

liver tumor is increasing year by year and showing a trend of younger age. If there are patients with hepatitis B and C, liver cirrhosis, liver tumor and other diseases in the family, they need to go to the hospital regularly for color Doppler ultrasound and alpha fetoprotein examination. Gastric tumor is one of the common digestive tract tumors. Early gastric tumor can not be found in B-ultrasound examination. The best method is to do gastroscopy. People with Helicobacter pylori infection, various gastritis, gastric ulcer, family genetic history of gastric cancer or high salt diet should go to the hospital for gastroscopy once a year. < / P > < p > China is a large country of lung cancer, many people will check the lung during physical examination, generally choose chest X-ray examination, but can not detect early lung tumor, can not be diagnosed. The best method is low-dose lung CT, which can detect lung tumor early. The high-risk population of lung cancer is long-term smoking, family genetic history of lung cancer and special occupation population. It is better for this kind of population to carry out tumor screening regularly and should not have fluke psychology. < / P > < p > many people have reached the advanced stage when they find the tumor. The basic reason is that they do not have regular physical examination, they just wait until they are not fit to go to the hospital for treatment, but they have missed the best treatment time. Therefore, cancer screening should be carried out regularly in high-risk groups, so as to achieve early detection and treatment, and control the spread of tumor cells as soon as possible, so as to avoid life-threatening. 08/17/2020