Is there any scientific basis for “male treasure breaking water first, female treasure red first”? The difference here has nothing to do with gender

During pregnancy, Baoma would like to play a game, that is, “guess, is it a boy or a girl in her stomach?” People around me also make an inference based on their own experience, some based on the pregnant belly, some according to the taste

“boys break the water first, girls see red first”, which is also a folk saying to infer the sex of the fetus. It mainly refers to whether the pregnant mother will “break the water” or “see the red” when she is in labor.

there is no specific scientific basis for this way of inferring the baby’s gender, but there are still some differences between “breaking water” and “seeing red”.

when Taibao is about to be born, she usually uses contractions to tell the pregnant mother. However, there are two types of contractions: false contractions and genuine contractions. Pregnant mothers should learn to distinguish, so as not to “lie about military information.”.

★ pseudocontractions, also known as protracted contractions, usually lack regularity and periodicity in time, and the degree of contractions varies. It usually appears at the sixth week of pregnancy, but it is not very obvious, and it is easy to be ignored by the pregnant mother.

after the second trimester of pregnancy, pseudocontractions will be more obvious. When the baby into the basin will appear more frequently, but to 36-38 weeks of pregnancy there will be a “quiet period.”.

★ true contractions and false contractions are more painful in feeling, but they may vary from person to person according to the location of the pain. Some pregnant mothers have abdomen, some have waist. The initial uterine contraction frequency is about 10 minutes.

with the passage of time, the location of uterine contraction pain will also spread to the lower abdomen. With the feeling of defecation, the frequency of uterine contraction before labor is about 3-5 minutes, and the duration will gradually become longer.

at this stage, Baoma should not cry out because of pain and consume too much physical strength. She needs to relax, replenish energy, cooperate with doctors and prepare for delivery.

the frequency of uterine contraction before labor is more frequent and lasts longer. The mucus of uterine neck will flow out of the body with a small amount of blood under the stimulation of uterine contraction. It’s what we often see in TV dramas. Midwives shout “red”.

However, due to the different constitutions of each puerpera, the time when they see red will also be different. Some mothers will flow out in one day, and some may last for several days. As a friend of Tangma, she has a baby born only after seeing red for a week.

at 38 weeks of gestation, the amount of amniotic fluid in the pregnant mother’s stomach is about 1000ml, and then it will gradually decrease. 98% of amniotic fluid is water.

Sometimes, when the amniotic fluid is broken, it is easy to be mistaken by the pregnant mother for frequent urination. However, if the amniotic fluid needs to flow out from the vagina, there is still a certain difference between it and urination. Mothers in labor need to pay attention to distinguish.

if the pregnant mother finds that the amniotic fluid is broken, she needs to lie down for the first time and try to slow down the flowing speed of amniotic fluid, so as to ensure the safety of Taibao to a greater extent.

the emergency degree of labor preparation is different: red is only a signal before labor, and the duration is different. Pregnant mothers can seize the time, take a bath first, and then check the waiting bag to relax. But if it is red, accompanied by strong abdominal pain, you need to go to the hospital in time;

“broken water” is also known as amniotic membrane rupture, which is more urgent than the red state. If it is not handled well, it is easy to have infection and even affect the health of the fetus. It needs to be dealt with in time.

pregnant mothers are usually more alarmed when they feel that the water is broken. However, the more rational treatment is needed at this time, so as to ensure the safety of Taibao and herself to the greatest extent. Take a deep breath and calm yourself down.

find a place nearby to lie down on your back. After lying down, use something like a pillow to pad up your hips. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the surrounding environment. If it is a person, the family needs to be informed as soon as possible.

if a pregnant mother “breaks the water” first, it is easy to have the problem of umbilical cord prolapse. Lying down and padding up the buttocks can reduce the occurrence of such problems to the greatest extent and prevent infection.

“broken water” is a kind of emergency in labor. You must go to the nearest hospital as soon as possible. Professional doctors will give the best solution. Don’t choose another hospital at this time. It’s the first thing to ensure the safety of pregnant mother and Taibao.

pregnant mothers usually give birth within 24-48 hours after they see red; after breaking water, they need to give birth as soon as possible, and some need to have cesarean section according to the situation.

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