Is there no doctor to give you a good introduction of oral contraceptives?

When I was in the outpatient department, a teenage girl came over and said that she had eaten Xiaoting eight times a month. According to the longest 72 hours to eat once, this is not to calculate down in addition to physiological period in sex? You don’t need condoms? Is it too late every time? Her boyfriend is still clinging to it. After eating enough dog food, I thought silently: if this is my sister, I will beat her.

baby, with the right person, every day is Valentine’s day. If you follow the wrong person, I’m afraid you can only take medicine in disorder every day. In order not to kill people, Laoliu invited liuhulu beauty pharmacist to talk with us.

oral contraceptives are generally divided into three types: long-acting contraceptives, short-acting contraceptives and emergency contraceptives. Wood has good measures, condoms do not take enough, have to prepare them, when necessary, flash on stage to save people from fire and water.

among the three contraceptives, do you think the effect of long-term action is better? Are short acting contraceptives as effective as emergency contraceptives? The atmosphere is ambiguous, the wine is slightly drunk, the passion is like fire, forget the condom this kind of thing, there is no emergency contraceptive at home, is it OK to take one kind of medicine casually? Don’t worry, let’s say the same thing.

Marvelon is a box of 21 tablets. The method of taking Marvelon is to take the first tablet on the first day of the menstrual cycle, taking one tablet a day for 21 consecutive days, then stopping the drug for 7 days, and then taking the next box.

Marvelon has been on the market for a long time and its price is cheap. However, there is a problem that beauty loving babies talk about, that is, getting fat. In fact, it doesn’t matter at all. After taking medicine, it looks fat. That is the retention of water and sodium in medicine, not fat *. As long as you stop taking medicine for a period of time, you will naturally lose weight.

the ingredients of meropener are the same as those of Marvelon. It is also the first ultra-low-dose modern oral contraceptive in the world. Its ingredients are the same as those of my sister Marvelon, but the dosage is small and the adverse reactions are less.

the price of Yasmin is more expensive than the first three models. This is a new type of short-acting contraceptive, the biggest feature is that its ingredients are very similar to the human body can produce progesterone, so it can improve premenstrual syndrome, and even make the skin smooth and tender.

after taking the medicine, there may be slight bleeding in the first few days, but it will soon disappear. The usage is also the same as the above three drugs, starting from the first day of menstrual cycle, one tablet a day, taking 21 days, stopping medicine for 7 days, and then taking the next box.

the above four drugs are taken in the same way, with different component contents and different adverse reactions. As for the choice of expensive or cheap, the choice of long-term market share or new rising star, you can consider comprehensively and make your own decision.

However, the four short acting contraceptives all have one big drawback, which is to take them continuously for 21 days.

you can set an alarm clock on your mobile phone to remind you every day; you can also put the medicine in the skin care package, next to the dental appliances and other conspicuous places; you can even put a box in your pocket bag for standby. What if you still forget in the middle? Within 12 hours, there is still a chance.

emergency contraceptive is an after the fact contraceptive, which is generally used in unprotected sexual life or contraceptive failure for a period of time, with the purpose of preventing pregnancy. The dose of the emergency contraceptive is at least eight times that of the short acting one.

seriously, does anyone really use it for long-term contraception? Isn’t it hard? Will there be no adverse reactions? How much experience do you have? After taking medicine, it may lead to menstrual changes, nausea, headache, abdominal pain, breast distension, fatigue, dizziness and so on. Generally, it will improve within 24 hours, but its contraceptive success rate is only about 80%.

if high-risk sexual behaviors happen again, you have to take medicine again. Note that this will increase the probability of menstrual disorders and contraceptive failure. Please look at my gourd face, baby, for their health, please try to contraception in advance?

among these contraceptives, Yuting is the most common one. Its common name is levonorgestrel. Within 72 hours of sexual life or contraceptive failure, the earlier the drug is taken, the better the pregnancy prevention effect will be. Take two tablets orally at a single time; or take one tablet for the first time, and take the second tablet at an interval of 12 hours.

but – it’s recommended to eat two slices of six gourd. Why? Because for this dose of levonorgestrel, taking two tablets together will not increase adverse reactions, but also can avoid missed administration. Now the new Jin Yuting, in fact, is Yuting’s double version, a piece of clothing can be.

other medicines such as Anting and Danmei are produced by different manufacturers and in different forms. Their essence is the same. It’s up to the eye to choose which. If unprotected sex occurs more than once within 24 hours, there is no need to repeat medication. Each medication only worked on the first 72 hours of sex.

if your aunt doesn’t visit within three weeks after taking the medicine, you have to go to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test stick to see if contraception fails. If you accidentally take a regular dose during pregnancy, there is no general impact, will not lead to adverse consequences. If the mother of lactation is not careful to take, please discard the breast milk within 3 days after taking the medicine, and then lactate after 3 days.

speaking of long-acting contraceptives, it seems that there are not many long-acting contraceptives on the market now, and it is generally not recommended for women who have not had children to take them. It is not recommended because of its large dosage and adverse reactions. It can not be stopped immediately and pregnant immediately after stopping the drug.

its advantages are obvious – you only need to take it once a month. If you take it correctly, the probability of successful contraception is very high. However, liuhulu hopes that everyone can use long-acting contraceptives under the advice of doctors or pharmacists, so I will not repeat it here.

Finally, lactating mothers should try not to use contraceptives and give the responsibility of contraception to their baby’s father. What, he wants to run naked? Let him change diapers, wash clothes and brush the bottle.

the things about oral contraceptives come together to be a book. As for unexpected pregnancies, miscarriages, crying, breaking up and so on, such stories can probably fill the entire library

if we can’t see each other with red eyes, we can at least have a little face. A condom does not have much money, step down practical, do not have anything? No, there are online tutorials for condom shopping in supermarkets, and old fellow 6 and six gourds, so they can’t wait to give the medicine every day.

in a word, I don’t want to say much about it. Sometimes, I tell myself, you can’t take care of everything when you grow up. But when things come to an end, I still can’t rest assured. Your name will always exist on the Internet