Is wolfberry dry to eat, or bubble water to drink? Doctors are blunt: many people may have been eating the wrong food all the time

Lycium barbarum is a kind of food that everyone can eat. It has high nutritional value, but also has certain medicinal value, and its nature is mediocre. No matter men, women, old or young, after eating, it will not cause a burden on the body, but also help to improve a lot of physical problems. < / P > < p > this is a common conversation in daily life. Some people will eat it dry, and think that it will not waste the nutrition in wolfberry, while others say that soaking in water will be more helpful to people’s health. < / P > < p > the correct way to eat wolfberry is different from what you think. Generally, we suggest that we directly chew wolfberry, so the effect will be better, and it will be easier to eat. < / P > < p > in life, many people like to soak Lycium barbarum in hot water. They think it’s healthy to drink it like this. But in fact, some nutrients in Lycium barbarum are easy to be damaged by high temperature. It is suggested that people should not soak them in hot water, and it will be better to soak them in warm water. < / P > < p > many elderly people like to soak a lot of wolfberry in the water, and after drinking it, they will directly eat it. After eating, it will easily lead to the symptoms of the body and even harm the human body. < p > < p > it is better not to take more than 20 pieces of Lycium barbarum dry or soaked in warm water every day. In fact, few people will exceed this amount. However, some people think that the taste of Lycium barbarum is sweet and sour, and they eat it as a snack. After eating it, they will inevitably get angry, causing nosebleed or red and swollen eyes. < / P > < p > the prevalence of Lycium barbarum is basically seen all over the street, and wolfberry is also a kind of affordable maintenance products, but although it is cheap, we still need to be vigilant when we buy it. The wolfberry that looks very red and bright in color may be processed. Try not to buy it. < / P > < p > for people who sleep, especially those who suffer from insomnia, eating wolfberry helps to improve the quality of sleep, and also helps to resist fatigue, poor sleep, and people who are always sleepy during the day can eat wolfberry properly to improve their condition. < / P > < p > people with high blood pressure often eat Lycium barbarum, which can help lower blood pressure and assist in lowering people’s blood pressure level. Especially in winter, eating more Lycium barbarum has a protective effect on the body. Lycium barbarum also has the effect of keeping beauty and anti-aging. Female friends can eat more in life. It has a good nourishing effect on facial skin and can help delay the arrival of aging. < / P > < p > at ordinary times, wolfberry can not only be eaten dry or soaked in water, but also can be put into the soup when cooking. It can not only help seasoning, but also help enhance the nutrition of the soup. After drinking, it has a stronger tonic effect and is of great help to people’s health. Privacy Policy