It hurts to death! It’s called the cancer of immortality. Doctor: there’s no specific drug. It may last for life

Cancer is the highest mortality disease at present, but there is one disease that is still more difficult than cancer. There is no way to completely cure it. Once the patient is suffering from pain, even sleepless all night, this is herpes zoster. It is not too much to say that it is “immortal cancer”. So what is herpes zoster? Nine, I will introduce the disease to you. Herpes zoster is actually a skin disease. Many people don’t know about herpes zoster, but when it comes to varicella, many people will know it. Many people have this disease when they are young, and they are caused by the same virus, varicella zoster virus. It is better than that of the healthy young people. However, herpes zoster will erupt again because of the changes of human immunity. Many elderly and middle-aged people have poor constitution and the prevalence of herpes zoster is much higher than that of healthy young people. The most typical symptom of herpes zoster is that the skin of patients will appear one by one, and the “bean” in water shape will appear first in the limbs. Once the attack is very painful, although herpes zoster is a skin disease, the virus starts to reproduce in large quantities from the inside of nerve cells. The reproduction speed will be very fast and the patient will feel very strong pain. Sometimes like needle prick, sometimes knife cut like pain, if not my experience, it is difficult to imagine. This pain will exist for a long time. Patients should not only bear the pain caused by the disease, but also suffer from depression, anxiety, insomnia caused by varicella zoster virus in the central nervous system. Herpes zoster has a lot of effects on patients, and it has many symptoms, such as skin discomfort, fever, photophobia, pain. Especially in the evening, the pain will be stronger. Zheng Dongyi, deputy director of health care department, the First Affiliated Hospital of Tsinghua University, once said that there is no effective treatment for this disease in the world. Generally speaking, shingles in limbs of young patients can be self-healing. Trunk patients without risk factors can also recover themselves. Other patients can shorten the course of disease and reduce pain by some antiviral drugs. Many patients will have pain when they are well, which will last for a month or more. Herpes zoster will prefer women or some people with poor immunity. We should start from the prevention point of view while we pay attention to the treatment of diseases. For example, exercise often, pay attention to daily eating habits and regular life and rest, which are effective prevention methods. Although herpes zoster has no specific drug, it is not completely uncontrollable and prevented. Consciously improve personal immunity, exercise more, choose healthy food, can avoid herpes zoster to find the door. Finally, we should also suggest that if the disease really appears, we must treat it in time, and “early” is an effective means to control the disease. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE