It is known as “Purple ginseng”, the anthocyanins are 10 times of grape, it is a good health product in autumn!

Today, we want to introduce a kind of vegetable, but it is different from our common vegetables. The vegetables we often see and eat are generally green, but this vegetable recommended by you in a few days is an uncommon purple vegetable, and some people will call it < / P > < p > this vegetable is our & quot; Purple Yam & quot; Yes, I think everyone must have eaten crisp and tender yams, but the yams we often eat are white, and purple yams are rare. In general, purple yam is rarely sold in the market, but we can buy it in a larger supermarket, and now it is very convenient to buy vegetables online. If you can’t buy them in the market, you can buy them online and send them back to your home. < / P > < p > purple yam is not only outstanding in color, but also outstanding in nutritional value. In addition to minerals, vitamins and other nutrients, purple yam also contains unique anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are generally only found in purple fruits and vegetables. The fruit with anthocyanins is known as grape Purple mountain medicine contains 10 times of grape anthocyanins! Anthocyanins have good anti-aging and anti-oxidation effects, and have a good effect on beauty and skin care. In addition to the purple yam, we also know the yam in autumn. Now let’s take a look at today’s dish. Before cooking, the first thing we have to do is to soak the prepared peach gum in clear water in advance. It takes about 10 hours to soak the peach gum until there is no hard core in the middle. After soaking, the peach gum can be washed and set aside. After the peach gum is soaked, we can start to prepare other ingredients. After removing the skin of purple yam, clean it and cut it into small pieces for use. When peeling the purple yam, we should wear gloves. If it is dry tremella, it needs to be soaked in advance. Today’s fresh Tremella is used, so you just need to wash and tear the tremella into small pieces. Then put the tremella and the soaked peach gum into a pot, add appropriate amount of water to boil, and then turn to low heat. Purple yam and common yam need to be well protected when peeling. Some friends will be allergic to yam juice, so wear gloves to prevent finger allergy and itching. The peach gum needs to be soaked in water about 10 hours in advance, or it can be soaked one night in advance. When you get up in the morning, it can be soaked in dry Tremella in advance, and the fresh Tremella can be washed directly. 08/16/2020