It is necessary to do a B-ultrasound examination at the early stage of pregnancy, and it is only after seeing these four indicators that “the fetus is stable”

The number of early pregnancy examination is very few, most pregnant mothers are in the fifth week of pregnancy to do the late birth examination, blood test, urine test and B-ultrasound examination, can be combined in one day to complete.

in the early stage of pregnancy, there are four important indicators on the B-ultrasound documents, which are closely related to the development of the baby. If the four data of a pregnant mother are normal, it means that “the fetus is stable”, and it can be safely raised.

if these four indicators are not complete, and one or more of them do not appear, the pregnant mother needs to check again after 1-2 weeks to determine whether the baby is healthy.

Xiaowei’s menstruation is always late. It often takes more than 40 days to come. Although Xiaowei has maintained a very healthy work and rest during pregnancy, her menstruation is just like a naughty child, always playing hide and seek with Xiaowei.

blood test, urine test, B-ultrasound examination, tossed about a series of 13 moves, finally got the examination results, but the doctor’s face is a bit gloomy: “only pregnancy sac, no yolk sac, can’t determine intrauterine pregnancy, come back to do B-ultrasound next week.”

the words thundered, and little Witton felt a blank brain: “doctor, do you mean that the embryo is not well developed?” But the doctor just said, “check again next week. It’s not sure yet.”

after a week’s muddling through, Xiaowei came to have an examination again in a nervous mood. This time, not only did he see the yolk sac, but also the embryo bud and fetal heart rate. Finally, the doctor said in a relaxed tone: “you can rest assured.”

① one week of menopause: the most obvious feature of pregnancy is menopause. If a pregnant mother whose menstrual cycle is between 28 and 35 days is found not to have menstruation for 40 days, she needs to consider the possibility of pregnancy.

② “two bars” of test paper: expectant mothers preparing for pregnancy can prepare some early pregnancy test papers at home, and test out the “two bars”. Even if it is only one deep and one shallow, it is enough to indicate that hCG is elevated, which may be pregnant.

③ early pregnancy reaction: after 40-50 days of pregnancy, some expectant mothers will have pregnancy vomiting reaction, also known as “bad luck”. Although a little uncomfortable, it is a sign of pregnancy, is also a happy event.

after menopause is found, pregnant mothers should not only test with test paper, but also go to the hospital for B-ultrasound examination to determine the intrauterine pregnancy and the number of embryos. The four indicators are the signal of “stable sitting”, and the pregnant mother is optimistic about it.

gestational sac is also called fetal sac. Its scientific name is gestational sac, which is the shape of the baby at the beginning of pregnancy. After 10 weeks of pregnancy, the gestational sac disappears and the placenta appears, which means that the second trimester of pregnancy is coming.

the yolk sac is the internal structure of the gestational sac, just like the yolk in the egg, continuously provides nutrition for the gestational sac. B ultrasound examination to judge intrauterine pregnancy, you need to see the complete gestational sac and yolk sac at the same time.

embryo bud usually appears in 40-50 days of pregnancy, which is a sign that the baby begins to develop into adult form. If the B ultrasound examination to see the embryo bud, the expectant mother will feel very happy.

fetal heart rate usually appears in 50-60 days of pregnancy. Generally, at 7-8 weeks of gestation, pregnant mothers can fully see the above four indicators. When they go for examination, they can often get more surprises.

the fetal heart rate in the early stage of pregnancy is 90 ~ 100 beats / min, and it can only be increased to 120 ~ 160 beats / min after 16 weeks of pregnancy.

the embryo in early pregnancy is afraid of high temperature, and the life of the baby who has just been implanted is not stable. It is suggested that the pregnant mother should try to avoid going to the sauna room, hot spring and other places, and take a bath for no more than 30 minutes, and avoid using hot water.

it’s easy for expectant mothers to feel tired and tired in the early pregnancy, so we must pay attention to rest at this time. Early pregnancy to avoid overwork, moderate rest is beneficial to the development of the baby.

the frequency of prenatal examination in early pregnancy is very few. Generally, only one examination to confirm pregnancy is needed, including some routine physical examination items, blood test, urine test and B-ultrasound examination.

pregnancy is a kind of fate. There are countless ties between the baby and the expectant mother. Kids are always more intimate with their mothers because of the familiarity of October. Cai Shaofen stopped pregnancy for the first time. The 4 indexes on the B-ultrasound sheet in the early pregnancy were used to see whether the fetal development was good or not