It’s hard to live a long life if you have many things to think about

“If you sleep less and do more, you can’t last long.” Sima Yi once evaluated Zhuge Liang in this way. Soon, Zhuge Liang really died in wuzhangyuan. If a person has too little sleep and too much work to do, his body will not be able to support it for a long time. There are also records in the classic works of traditional Chinese medicine: “daily life is regular, do not work rashly, so you can form and spirit, and do the end of the day, to spend a hundred years is to go.” That is to say, if you don’t work hard and have a good rest, you can live a long and healthy life. However, in our country, the elderly are often the most worried family. I once met an old man who, after retirement, was responsible for the daily life of a family. He was excessively concerned about the health and safety of his children and grandchildren. He was so worried that he often had symptoms of dizziness, shortness of breath, palpitation and sweating. He was finally diagnosed with chronic anxiety. The old people themselves are weak in physical function and often suffer from chronic diseases. At the same time, insomnia is a common problem in the elderly. If the duration of sleep is lower than the physiological needs, it will have a significant impact on attention, fine operation ability, high intelligence thinking and memory. In the elderly with long-term sleep disorders, vascular sclerosis is obvious and the caliber becomes narrow, which seriously affects the blood supply and health. < / P > < p > to live a long and healthy life, the elderly should learn to let go and reduce their worries. We should stop doing things related to children, but we should participate more, do not do it on behalf of others, let alone “sulk” for some things, and we should be less selfish, content and open-minded from the spiritual level. In addition, Taiji in the park in the morning, going out for a walk in the daytime, or practicing calligraphy and painting at home can achieve the goal of tranquility and health preservation. < / P > < p > there are several tips for fast and good sleep. “Lie like a bow.”. When sleeping on the right side, bend the right arm and extend or slightly bend the feet naturally to reduce the burden on the heart. Turn over more. Promote blood circulation, smooth meridians, avoid body stiffness, waist pain and other symptoms. Turn out the lights and go to bed. Light easily makes people uneasy and sleepless. If necessary, you can turn on a small light in the corner, but the light should not be too bright, and do not shine on the eyes. Keep your abdomen warm. When sleeping, Qi and blood run slowly, cold evil is easy to invade, so sleep must make the abdomen warm. Abdominal breathing. Before going to sleep, lie on your back, relax, close your eyes and mouth, and breathe with your nose. Notice that the exhalation time is 3 ~ 4 times of the inspiratory time. Hold your breath slightly after exhalation. The time is about 1 ~ 2 times of the inspiratory time. Then inhale and circulate until you fall asleep. Your name will always exist on the Internet