It’s not good to have children only by suffering? Five benefits can not be replaced, women should understand

Many women are afraid of the hard work of pregnancy, the walking of their body after childbirth, the bitterness of their identity change and the troubles of taking care of their children, so they feel inexplicable fear when it comes to having children. There are many couples in our country who are open-minded and choose not to have children all their lives. Such couples generally have very good feelings. Although they are not accompanied by children in their later years, their life is stable and their love for each other remains unchanged, which is also a good story. < p > < p > there is such a couple around her. Both of them have received good education and have high quality. When they were young, they were famous for their love. Their wives were weak and their husbands loved them so much that they chose to be “DINK” with their wives, regardless of the opposition of their families. After many years, the old couple didn’t feel lonely because they didn’t have children. On the contrary, they lived an orderly life, had a stable pension and had a good relationship. When it comes to the decision made when they were young, the old couple said they still didn’t regret the original decision. One day, the children had to leave their parents, so that a good partner could live together for life. < / P > < p > in fact, there are two sides to everything, good and bad, and the best is what suits you. As for the birth of children, some people think that heartache and pain are physical harm and deprivation of freedom to women. It is not good to suffer only. In fact, it is not. Having children is the inevitable law of human reproduction. Although the process is hard, it has six kinds of benefits for women’s body that can not be replaced. < / P > < p > many women find that their immunity seems to be improved after pregnancy. This is because during pregnancy, fetal cells will enter the mother’s body and differentiate into various cells of the mother, which plays a good role in repairing the defects of the original cells. It can be said that giving birth to a child is a rebirth of a woman. < / P > < p > most women with a history of dysmenorrhea will be surprised to find that the symptoms of dysmenorrhea are relieved or disappeared after giving birth to their babies. The reason is that the body stops ovulation during pregnancy and carries out self-healing. Therefore, after giving birth to the baby, dysmenorrhea basically disappears. < p > < p > studies have shown that women who have given birth to children have a lower probability of suffering from gynecological related diseases than those who have not given birth, because the endometrium will periodically exfoliate, and pregnancy will make the original damage get good repair effect, which has a certain protective effect on the uterus. < / P > < p > China advocates breastfeeding, which is not only good for babies, but also has great benefits for mothers. Research points out that breast-feeding, women can reduce the risk of breast cancer, the breast has a good protection. < / P > < p > the amount of ovulation in a woman’s life is certain. Affected by hormones, women will stop ovulation during pregnancy or even breast-feeding, and some women will stop ovulation for a longer time during lactation. It is because the ovulation time is delayed, so women enter menopause later, to a certain extent, can delay aging. In addition, studies have found that women’s body position changes after pregnancy, the strength of the femur will increase, and the risk of pelvic fracture in later years is much lower than that of women who have not given birth. It is a natural physiological phenomenon of human beings to give birth to children. We should face the changes brought by pregnancy with a natural and peaceful attitude and actively welcome the arrival of new life. Having children can not only bring benefits to the mother’s health, but also bring more joy to the family. The family should face positively with the mother to be and enjoy the joy of being a parent. Small habits of pregnancy not only affect the health of pregnant mother, but also delay the development of the fetus, don’t ignore