Japanese popular children cold syrup accident! Domestic e-commerce platforms are still on sale

Recently, about 7.75 million bottles of “children’s cold syrup”, a popular product in Japan’s domestic and overseas markets, has been announced to be recalled on a large scale.

in Japan, cosmetics stores are the main places for people to buy over-the-counter drugs. This large-scale recall of the product is a Ikeda model hall “bread Superman children’s cold syrup.”.

there are four kinds of products in this series, including strawberry, peach and other flavors, which are easy for children to take, so they are popular in the same type of products.

in a cosmetic shop in Tokyo, the reporter found that this series of products were no longer sold. The store manager told reporters that after receiving the notice, they immediately removed the series of products according to the requirements. When a new batch of products can arrive and restart sales, we have to wait for notice.

the reporter learned that Ikeda model hall has its own pharmaceutical factory, but the children’s cold syrup recalled on a large scale was produced by a pharmaceutical factory called “Rixin pharmaceutical”. The reason for the recall was that the product had not completed all the quality inspection procedures before leaving the factory, and there were omissions in the intermediate links.

in this regard, the reporter interviewed the person in charge of Ikeda model hall by telephone this morning, and the person in charge said that at present, there was no report of health problems after use by consumers, and the recycling work was in progress. Consumers can send back the products according to the address written on the official website, and the manufacturer will compensate them.

it is worth mentioning that this children’s cold syrup has a certain popularity not only in Japan but also overseas. Before that, many Japanese cosmetic shops put it on the counter of “recommending tourists to buy” in Japan, and some domestic we media listed it as one of the “drugs worth buying in Japan”.

in the past two days, the reporter visited a number of cosmetics stores in Tokyo and learned that this product has basically been off the shelves. The reporter also saw that some domestic e-commerce platforms still have sales, and consumers must carefully check the product shelf life.

in recent years, Japan’s over-the-counter drugs have gained a certain reputation overseas. Many consumers have purchased them when they travel to Japan or have the experience of online shopping overseas. But it also contains the consumption risk caused by incomplete understanding or improper use of products. Consumers should be cautious when buying foreign over-the-counter drugs.

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