Jiangsu Normal University found 22 cases of pulmonary tuberculosis among students who had been suspended for treatment

On the evening of 14th, Jiangsu Normal University’s official microblog released that 22 cases of tuberculosis were found in the school of science and technology of Jiangsu Normal University. At present, 22 cases have been suspended from school for standardized treatment. < p > < p > on the 14th, the news that “dozens of students in pan’anhu campus of Jiangsu Normal University were infected with tuberculosis” was spread on the Internet. On the afternoon of the same day, the reporter came to pan’anhu campus of Jiangsu Normal University School of science and technology, located in Jiawang District, Xuzhou City. The school gate was closed and few vehicle personnel passed through. The security guard at the gate urged reporters to leave as soon as possible, saying that no one is allowed to enter the school unless they are inside the school. The reporter contacted the relevant staff of the Propaganda Department of Jiangsu Normal University. According to his introduction, the university has reported the matter to the relevant departments, and the relevant treatment will be released according to relevant regulations. < p > < p > on the evening of 14, the official microblog of real name certification “Jiangsu Normal University” released: from August 21, 2019 to October 12, 2020, 22 cases of pulmonary tuberculosis among students were found in pan’anhu campus of School of science and technology of Jiangsu Normal University, and the Centers for disease control and prevention of Xuzhou City and Jiawang District carried out timely treatment according to regulations. At present, 22 patients have been suspended for standard treatment. < / P > < p > after the students returned to school in early September this year, all teachers, students and logistics personnel of pan’anhu campus conducted tuberculin test screening and chest X-ray examination from September 11 to 17. From October 10 to 11, CT screening was conducted on teachers and students in key classes with strong positive tuberculin test in preliminary examination. After CT screening, 43 students were found to have abnormal chest CT images, which need further diagnosis exclude. After the examination, 43 students were isolated for medical observation. On October 14, according to the suggestions of the provincial and municipal centers for Disease Control and prevention and the Xuzhou infectious disease hospital, the rest of the students had been hospitalized in Xuzhou infectious disease hospital for further diagnosis, except that four students were taken back by their parents to the special hospital where their families were located. Since the occurrence of < / P > < p > the situation, Jiangsu Normal University has attached great importance to it and immediately set up a special work team with the main leaders as the team leader to carry out the epidemic disposal work. Relevant provincial, municipal and District disease control departments and experts have been stationed in pan’anhu campus of the University of science and technology for standardized disease prevention and control guidance. Focus