Jin Song, a tough muscle man in China, is a brother to Jackie Chan

Speaking of Hollywood, maybe many people will think of the muscular tough guy men like Jushi Johnson. They also let us feel the surprise and fanaticism again and again. We must admit that there are a lot of tough guy stars in Hollywood. However, this is also due to their early popularity of fitness tide. Many people have a sense of fitness since they were young, so they have slowly cultivated such talents There are so many excellent talents. In addition, most of the characters in the film need such strong and hot-blooded masculine actors, so that so many actors are involved. It can be said that many people are trained for the purpose of such a body. However, in today’s China, there are also many people who are getting better and better in figure. They are not inferior to foreigners at all. Compared with some small flow of fresh meat, they are not lost at all. The protagonist to be introduced today is Jin Song of the film and television industry, who has acted in many TV dramas. His famous work is Lu Zhishen, who has pulled up the willows from the outlaws of the marsh. Looking at this exaggerated image of a tough guy, Xu is also impressed Many people were impressed by him. As a muscle giant with a height of 1.86 meters and a weight of 104 kg, he is no worse than that of Europe and the United States. With his excellent acting skills and good figure, he has won many awards and even became a brother to Jackie Chan. It can be said that his life is closely related to his body. < / P > < p > in fact, his figure is not innate. Every muscle in his body is mixed with hard work. When others are enjoying various kinds of play, he trains in the gym while others are sleeping. In the long run, his body gets better and better. Although the process is very hard, he can only bear what others can bear Only by living hard can we gain the body that others admire. < / P > < p > I believe that everyone has the idea of fitness, but many people can’t stick to it. They think that fitness is a boring thing, and what’s more, they can’t see the change of their body shape. They often retreat three months before fitness. However, in fact, physical fitness is a long-term career, and many fitness gods even calculate their fitness by year The years of the body, no one can stutter into a big fat, no one can be transformed into a muscular man overnight. It can be said that everyone’s body is basically a step by step to step out. < p > < p > Xiaobian thinks that if you are just beginning to train, you may as well find relevant professionals for counseling, which can help you reduce many detours and setbacks, and also make greater changes in your body. Of course, you can also pull up a few friends, so that you can add a little more fun in the process of fitness, do not let yourself feel boring, can encourage each other to supervise, but also improve their self-discipline. < / P > < p > of course, even at home, you can also make your body change more through unarmed training. For example, squats and push ups are very good training movements. They don’t need to take up too much space. They can do it anytime and anywhere. Even if they work overtime too late occasionally, they can join a group at home at any time. No matter how novice or veteran can improve themselves in this way, do you like Lu Zhishen? Welcome to comment. BEAUTY&SKIN CARE