Jina really open, challenge the scene to remove makeup, see the plain face, netizen: love Lang Lang

Eyes are the window of the soul. When we look at a person, we will always pay attention to each other’s eyes unconsciously. Even if a person’s facial features are ordinary, but there are a pair of bright and divine eyes, people can’t help looking more. From this, we can see that the eyes are very important to the appearance of people. For girls, the key point is to enlarge the eyelashes and enlarge the eyelashes. Liu Shishi’s eyes are also relatively small. In her early years, her eye makeup didn’t focus on the eyelashes, which made her look less and dull. However, after the stylists added long eyelashes to her, they not only enlarged her eyes, but also made them look more divine, which also set off the advanced feeling of her makeup. < / P > < p > Ni Ni has always been the eye makeup template for many girls. Her make-up always has a high-level feeling. In fact, the key is that she lengthens the eyelashes to make the eye makeup just right. The light and natural eye makeup makes the eyes look more charming. < / P > < p > however, if she has no eyelashes on her face, her face value will be lowered by her eyes. She looks listless, and her eyes look very old. Lang Lang, wife of

, a famous pianist, is also popular with her false eyelashes. She is wearing heavy false eyelashes for 24 hours. She is hard to avoid being heavily loaded with heavy makeup idol by netizens every day. Gina make complaints about her. < p > < p > to say that Gina is really open-minded, in the face of all kinds of doubts and comments, how dare she directly challenge the scene to remove her makeup. But take off the false eyelashes Gina, plain face state difference is so big, completely different from the doll image before make-up, netizens also funny message way: love Lang Lang Lang. < / P > < p > even actresses with delicate facial features have to rely on eyelashes to improve their appearance, not to mention ordinary girls, but many girls choose to plant eyelashes because they are busy and don’t have much time to repair false eyelashes during the day. However, the technology of eyelash planting is not mature, and the glue used is 100 times higher than that of 520, which not only causes many skin problems, but also causes many skin problems How unworthy it is to tear off your original eyelashes together! < / P > < p > in fact, if you want delicate eyelashes, you’d better learn from actresses and use some quick and practical tools. For example, weia, although her appearance is not comparable to many actresses, she always wins by eye makeup in the same frame with actresses. In fact, eyelashes play a very important role. Compared with the thick false eyelashes of actresses, weia’s looks very delicate and natural.

recently became popular because of the “sunflower eyelash”. She also had several times. Many of the girls who watched the live broadcast asked what she was using for mascara, so she took her own use again and offered it to fans, saying that she had just used less than a year, but love it very much, and now she doesn’t change her mascara.

I also bought a piece of Amway after listening to my colleagues later. After I got it, I tried it. Let’s not say anything else. It is much easier to operate than other mascara. I brush my eyelashes and my eyelashes are easy to shake. Before that, I always produce “fly legs”, but this mascara really does not have this problem. < / P > < p > moreover, the curled eyelashes are light and natural, and there is no heavy feeling. The eyes on the make-up are just like the special effect of big eyes, which is full of power.

good things are always more close to customers’ needs. Like this mascara, it has many advantages, but also has a magnetic massage ball head with massage function. It can not only magnetically stimulate blood circulation, relieve eye fatigue, but also promote the absorption of eye cream.

eye is the most vulnerable part of the skin. It is easy to drain away the moisture and grow dry lines. With the reason of staying up late and so on, it is easy to appear bags such as bags under the eyes and dark circles. For example, I persisted for less than a month and found that the dry lines around my eyes had faded. Next