Jinchen abdominal muscle is too charming, netizens have been circle powder, how to get Jinchen with abdominal muscle?

Today, the topic of “Jinchen abdominal muscles” has been out of the circle because Jinchen participated in the opening show. In the performance, she was slim and the dance was too cool! That super obvious abdominal muscle line is so beautiful! Netizens have expressed the exclamation of “Jinchen’s good figure”. Jinchen belongs to the kind of beautiful girl with long arms and long legs. Her temperament is also excellent! It has to be said that the girl with abdominal muscles is too charming to dance. With a good figure, who will not cry for pljj? Jinchen is 90 years old and has been 30 years old this year. However, she is still a super girl in terms of her appearance and personality! During the summer vacation, Jinchen also took part in the variety show, and was completely powdered up by Jinchen in the program! Today, I saw the abdominal muscles of Jinchen’s little sister. I thought it was great! I don’t know if any baby wants to try to get the same abs? Such beautiful abdominal muscles you can also have Oh! < / P > < p > we should not only kneel down for Jinchen’s little sister, but also make our body better! Let’s share a few effective ways to exercise abdominal muscles. Methods are relatively simple and easy to understand, there will not be too much difficulty, we just need to stick to it for a long time, and we will soon be effective! That’s not much to say. Let’s take a look at the essentials of the action! < / P > < p > sitting on the yoga mat, only the buttocks of the whole body are in contact with the mat. The upper body and thighs are in a V shape. The abdomen is fully retracted, and the kid naturally follows the thigh to lift off the ground. < / P > < p > the parts of the whole body movement are the arms and shoulders. The dumbbells are held in the hands, and the arms are moved by turning the shoulders. Lower back straight waist, upper back slightly arched body. Dumbbells touch the electronic surfaces on both sides of the body, and their eyes follow their hands. < / P > < p > the advantage of dumbbell fitness is that we can use dumbbells to exercise more muscle groups in our body, optimize our muscle lines, make them more elastic and three-dimensional, and make our body more plump. < / P > < p > as the name implies, hip bridge is established. Lie flat on the mat with your hips up and your heels touching the ground, keeping your toes off the ground. Shoulder support, head lying flat on the mat, body up and down, only head, shoulder and heel contact with the mat. On the hip bridge, keep your abdomen and thighs on the same plane as possible. During the exercise, hold the small dumbbell with both hands, keep the hips and abdomen tight, and fix the elbow joint, so that the whole arm moves with the shoulder joint as the axis. < / P > < p > the whole person lies flat on the mat, his head and feet are lifted, his chest and his head are lifted with both hands, and his legs do leg kicking movement. The body rotates with the swing of the kick. During the rotation, the body naturally relaxes, and only the abdomen is tightened. In the process of swinging the hands, you should try to swing your arms to the most left and right, which can stretch the muscles of the back well, so as to reduce the back The pain. < p > < p > conclusion: no matter how thin the stars are, they need to exercise to have good-looking abdominal muscles and beautiful body. We also need to manage our own body. Oh, when the body is good, the mood will be great, and the self-confidence will increase and move! 08/16/2020