Jujube and it “a natural pair”, open to eat, uterine garbage clear, uterine fibroids disappeared

The uterus is located in the center of the pelvic cavity, which is an important organ for women’s physical functions, and also a place for new life. Therefore, compared with the general body organs, the uterus often shows a kind of sacred light. Not only expectant mothers and planned pregnant mothers should pay special attention to the health of the uterus, but also some mothers who don’t plan to have a baby can’t ignore the health of the uterus. In addition to routine hysteroscopy, hysteroscopy and other means of examination, some abnormal changes in physical signs, but also often prompt the onset of uterine disease, should arouse the attention of all female compatriots in time.

1. Virus infection: human papillomavirus, in particular, is the direct cause of cervical lesions and endometrial lesions. Under the long-term infection of this virus, it can not only cause many pathological reactions, but also induce malignant tumor attacks.

2. Cold invasion: Nowadays, many women often ignore the normal clothing and warmth in order to become beautiful. Even in the cold autumn and winter season, they only wear a thin coat. In this case, the cold is easy to invade the uterus, leading to the decline of the immune function of the uterus, inducing a variety of disease reactions.

3. Genetic genes: many uterine diseases still have a certain genetic probability. If someone in the family has uterine fibroids or other diseases, the risk of their offspring will be higher.

for the above factors, we should pay more attention to avoid and try to avoid them in our daily life. Although the harm of uterine lesions is great, there are still some relevant signs in the body when they attack. Early detection and timely medical treatment are conducive to the timely cure of the disease.

if the uterus is not good, the Qi and blood in the body will not run very well. If the Qi and blood is not sufficient, the blood will not be easy to grow on the surface, and the facial cells will not get enough nutrients, and the face will turn black.

leucorrhea is an obvious symptom of women’s menstruation. Generally speaking, leucorrhea is colorless and tasteless, but if the uterus has pathological changes, the leucorrhea will also be abnormal, with fishy smell, such as rice washing water, local infection and inflammation in the early stage, and uterine function damage in the later stage, which is easy to cause cervical lesions.

as an important organ of women, the uterus plays an important role in the reproductive, urinary and other systems. If women have uterine problems, they need to check at the first time to avoid delaying the illness. In addition, in life, they should pay more attention to details.

in order to better regulate the health of the uterus and prevent the occurrence of related diseases, we should also pay attention to supplement the right amount of nutrients in our daily life. Some women like to eat red dates, red dates have the help of nourishing blood and beauty, at the same time, they can take more supplements of cimetidine, which can improve and enhance various functions of the body, especially the immune function. At the same time, cimetidine can repair damaged and damaged mucosal cells, maintain and consolidate the normal structure and function of cells, which is conducive to virus prevention Fan and disease treatment.

many women feel that they are still young and can carry on, so they seldom go for physical examination. Results many diseases check out is late, so women must regularly do the examination, this can give follow-up treatment has a certain spare time, when the cervical lesions just happen, it is easier to control the disease, so as soon as possible to find and solve as soon as possible.

appropriate exercise and exercise can improve the low resistance of many women, help to repair and improve the immune function, and better prevent the occurrence of some pathological reactions. Home