Key points: these six kinds of people have to have their lungs checked regularly. Lung cancer is the most popular “sneak attack”

Through lung cancer screening this way can know whether there are lung lesions, if there are lung cancer cells, we can reduce the risk of disease through timely treatment. Many people have related disease signal generation, not timely screening, combined with the examination to understand the health situation, may be local lesions continue to develop, lung function decline significantly, health will be threatened. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out lung cancer screening, which should be carried out immediately to reduce the risk of disease. People with long-term chest pain should be screened for lung cancer immediately because of the close relationship between chest pain and lung lesions. Many people in lung cancer when the local tumor volume increased, may invade the pleura, chest wall, and then produce pain. In addition, in the process of continuous development of the disease, there may be local inflammation, and even obvious pleural effusion. In the process of threatening health, the pain is obvious, and the chest will be very uncomfortable. People with this situation should be screened for lung cancer immediately. It is very important to screen lung cancer in time. Because continuous cough is also a signal of lung cancer, there is no attention to this kind of adverse symptoms for a long time. If the cough is not handled frequently, it will stimulate the development of local lesions, bronchial mucus secretion changes or inflammation, and the obvious feature is cough. < / P > < p > at ordinary times, smoking is very heavy, the age of smoking is more than ten years, and the daily amount of smoking is very large, this situation needs to be screened for lung cancer immediately. Because in the case of a large number of smoking to obtain harmful substances, lung function is easier to decline, will increase the incidence of lung cancer, through the relevant examination to screen, once there are lung lesions, timely treatment and away from tobacco, to prevent lung cancer, shorten life expectancy. Due to long-term exposure to radiation due to occupation, it is better to screen lung cancer regularly. Because radiation damage will lead to an increase in the incidence of lung cancer, many people are exposed to this kind of dangerous environment for a long time. The function of many important organs will be damaged after radiation exposure, and canceration may pose a threat to health. Therefore, regular screening of lung cancer is needed. < / P > < p > it is very important for people with family inheritance to have regular examination, because lung cancer also has family aggregation. If more than one person in the family has the disease, then other people should pay attention to physical examination when they are not sick. Through screening, we can understand the health status of the lung, and timely respond to pathological changes. Otherwise, lung cancer is more likely to occur under the influence of family genetics Human health is a threat. It is very important to screen lung cancer regularly. Because lung cancer may be due to the continuous development of certain lung diseases, if there is no regular physical examination, through the relevant screening to understand the lung health situation, it may be that local lesions have not been detected in time to attack lung lesions, and the bad consequences of cancer will be produced if the treatment is delayed. You can play with mobile phones during pregnancy, but these four methods of “hurting your fetus” are not advisable. Be careful of the damage to Taibao