Kidney bad man, 3 parts will “Hua Hua Hua sweating”, accounting for two will cause attention

Introduction: kidney is a very important organ in human body. So in life, men must pay more attention to their kidney health. Today, I’ll follow Xiaobian to understand the men with bad kidneys, which three parts will “sweat a lot”! < / P > < p > every day, many men are prone to sweating on their backs. Especially after sleeping at night, they will sweat a lot at night, and when they wake up in the morning, their sweat will stop, which is called night sweats in traditional Chinese medicine. The main manifestations of renal insufficiency. Generally speaking, men’s hands and feet are very hot all year round. Some men not only have fever for a long time, but also sweat easily. In fact, this is also related to kidney damage. Male kidney problems, will cause kidney hormone metabolism abnormalities, once the body lacks the required hormone, hands and feet will sweat a lot. < / P > < p > If a man often sweats on his forehead, it indicates that he has kidney problems. This type of sweat is frequent regardless of whether he is in hot weather or whether he is exercising or not. So if a man’s forehead is often sweating, it is necessary to be alert to whether there is a problem with his kidney. < / P > < p > many men often like to exercise, but excessive exercise can not produce good results, on the contrary, it will affect men’s renal function. Therefore, men in the exercise must adhere to the principle of moderate exercise, avoid excessive exercise. Remember to stretch your body after exercise. Don’t drink water immediately after exercise. You can rub your shoulders and muscles on your legs to relax them. < / P > < p > many men will feel thirsty before going to bed because they eat too greasy at night, so they want to drink water. However, drinking water before going to bed will increase the burden on the kidney, causing the kidney unable to discharge water in time. Therefore, it will be discharged through sweating. This is why men always like to sweat when they sleep at night. < / P > < p > men should take at least 1500 ml of water a day, which helps to remove endotoxin and garbage from the kidney and reduce the burden on the kidney. In addition, according to the records of Hua Tuo, a Chinese physician, mulberry, cinnamon and malt are used to nourish the kidney and replenish qi. At the same time, it can also be supplemented with soybean, black sesame, ginseng, ginger and other nutrients. Therefore, many traditional Chinese medicine prescriptions for tonifying the kidney also contain these ingredients, which are of the same origin. Their functions are as follows: < / P > < p > when drinking, wash the ingredients and cook them in cold water for one hour before drinking. If you don’t have time and don’t worry, you can choose the following tea bag for 5 minutes at a time. Your health is worth paying for! For 21 days, you can have a golden kidney! Conclusion: in a man with bad kidney, three parts will sweat, and two of them will be taken seriously. Men love sweating, is the kidney a problem? Do two things, drink more water, the kidney will thank you. Don’t feel that some persistence is meaningless, if you can do these things well in life, your body will be more and more healthy. 08/16/2020