Korean young mother’s second-hand website sells baby: 1200 yuan RMB says it can’t afford it

“36 weeks baby for adoption!” On October 16, a post selling babies on South Korea’s second-hand trading website caused social concern. The poster was priced at 200000 won and attached with a picture of a baby in swaddling condition. The location was marked at Guipu, west of Jeju road. According to South Korea, Jeju do government reported on the 20th that a, a young unmarried mother, put her child online to seek adoption because of financial difficulties. The baby in the incident has been sent to an infant care institution. < p > < p > a said in an investigation by the police that he and the biological father of the child had no financial ability to raise the child, so he decided to send the child away. A also said that she had asked the relevant adoption agencies before posting on the Internet, but because of the complicated procedures and harsh conditions, she had to put her child on the second-hand trading website. Due to the low birth rate, the South Korean government has introduced a number of preferential policies to encourage people to have more children, and has also introduced relevant measures to protect the rights and interests of single mothers. However, with the “second-hand website selling babies” incident fermenting, the government’s policy on raising children by single mothers has been constantly criticized. Yuan Xilong, governor of Jizhou Road, said in an article on the social networking website on the 18th that in the future, the relevant system for protecting women will be improved and obstacles to the legal adoption process will be found. 08/16/2020