Lack of estrogen, it is easy to long spots and wrinkles, doctor: eat these 4 things more and more young

Beauty is a woman’s nature. In women’s life, they try various methods to prolong their youth and beautiful face, but they ignore their own anti-aging weapon estrogen. Estrogen dominates the soul of women, which can not only make women look radiant, but also make women premature. For women, estrogen is the source of water for women, is the nourishment of women’s not old face.

estrogen can make women’s subcutaneous fat plump, so that women’s skin is full of collagen. However, if the estrogen in the body is low, it will easily lead to wrinkles on women’s faces, and their faces will look dull and lose their original luster.
it can also promote blood circulation in women. For the lack of estrogen in the body of women, blood circulation to the impact, the body accumulated a lot of garbage toxins, easy to lead to poor skin condition, there are many spots.

so female friends, when you find your skin getting worse and worse over a period of time, it is likely to be closely related to estrogen in the body.

now, many people want to start maintenance because their living conditions are better, so they start disorderly health care and abuse estrogen. But have you ever thought that if the estrogen level in the body is too high, you will salivate at various gynecological problems.

first of all, abuse of estrogen can affect chest health and cause great damage. A large amount of beauty products or food will make the chest particularly dependent on estrogen. The incidence rate of chest problems in women is higher than that in men.

secondly, abuse of estrogen will affect uterine health. High estrogen levels will cause multiple uterine problems. It not only affects health, but also damages fertility. Therefore, excessive supplement is not a good thing.

there is a very direct relationship between vitamin and estrogen, especially vitamin D has a very large effect on estrogen. Vitamin D can protect the circulation of the human body in the blood. Generally, foods containing vitamin C are mostly milk or fruit. Eating more of these can help supplement the estrogen in the body and balance the nutrients in the body. Therefore, in the daily diet, we must reasonably match fruit and milk and other rich in vitamin food.

deer embryo powder can regulate body endocrine, stabilize hypothalamus and pituitary, inhibit ovarian hyperstimulation, balance the secretion of estrogen, and inhibit the formation of chloasma at the root. After estrogen is stabilized, it will reduce the stimulation of tyramine enzyme in the blood, thus reducing the formation of melanin. The formation of melanin is less, with the body’s own metabolism, melanin is discharged from the body, and spots are desalinated.

soybean isoflavone is a kind of estrogen existing in plants. You can take more of these substances to adjust the estrogen level in the body. You must pay attention to the amount in the process of taking, and take it for a long time to have effect. Soy isoflavones and estrogen in the body are very similar, so it is conducive to supplement the body with estrogen.

powder box deer embryo powder is also a kind of flavonoid food, which contains total flavonoids from deer fetus, which can stabilize the level of estrogen in the body, reduce the adverse effects of high or low estrogen on the body, reduce the stimulation of estrogen on melanocytes, thus reducing the synthesis of melanin and promoting the desalination of chloasma.

kelp contains better iodine containing nutrients, which can stimulate the pituitary gland, thus maintaining the balance of estrogen in the body and regulating endocrine disorders. Women often eat kelp, can effectively supplement the body of estrogen, and kelp also has the role of preventing breast hyperplasia. Focus