Lanzhi and new brand skin care Ambassador Zhu Zhengting jointly explore the mystery of beauty

The ubiquitous electronic light damage, stay up late, overtime pressure make the skin around the eyes aging, produce fine lines, dry lines, wrinkles, expression lines. Lanzhi, a young skin expert, specializes in the anti wrinkle ingredient retinol, and newly introduces 95 ultra pure retinol light lines “Xiaolan tube” to fade wrinkles layer by layer and tighten the skin. Lanzhi, together with Zhu Zhengting, a brand new skin care ambassador, experience the magical anti wrinkle effect of ultra pure 95 retinol Lanzhi light lines “Xiaolan tube”, and jointly explore the mystery of beautiful skin. < / P > < p > ZHU Zhengting has been practicing dance since he was 8 years old. From the group debut of the talent show “idol trainee” to the initial attempt of screen and film and TV series, he constantly challenges himself and strives to make every identity shine. On the stage and on the screen, he is the Grand Master of the stage. He fully shows his singing and dancing strength on the stage of his single playing, and amazes all sides. Zhu Zhengting, who began to be an active actor, won the recognition of directors and predecessors in the film shooting process, showing the tenacity, thinking and sense of responsibility of post-95 young people, and fully proving his professional ability as a rising wave. Under the stage, he silently poured his dream with sweat, followed his inner intuition and love, walked with faith, and constantly honed himself all the way. < / P > < p > this innovative and research-oriented attitude perfectly fits with the brand spirit of Lanzhi’s continuous improvement and Research on skin care ingredients. Lanzhi specializes in purifying active retinol to 95% purity to activate collagen regeneration and solve facial wrinkles for more women. The light pattern “Xiao Lan Guan” can be used not only for eye tail pattern and present pattern, but also for face light pattern such as head raising pattern and expression pattern. Young skin expert Lanzhi always stands in the position of customers, and constantly develops high-efficiency and high-tech products for consumers to help women’s skin glow with moisture and brilliance. < p > < p > this time, Lanzhi is listed on the market for the first time in China, “Xiaolan tube” with light lines, opening the high-end high-tech road of Lanzhi brand. The 95 pure retinol “Xiaolan tube” with light lines adopts the ingredients specially researched by BASF of Germany. The 95% high purity of retinol is the innovative product with the highest purity of retinol in the market at present. Flavanol can promote collagen regeneration, improve all kinds of fine lines, dry lines, expression lines and other wrinkles. In view of the easy oxidation of retinol, Lanzhi uses retinol separation and stabilization technology, 9-layer isolation and 3-step anti-oxidation packaging. The network structure of oil in water can inhibit the oxidation of retinol, and maximize the stability of retinol. At the same time, through the air isolation packaging design, Lanzhi can effectively isolate light, preserve the freshness of retinol for a long time, and resist the risk of inactivation of active retinol. < / P > < p > in addition to 95% pure retinol, Lanzhi, a young skin expert, studies five kinds of hyaluronic acid with different molecular sizes to add moisturizing power to the skin layer by layer from the outside to the inside. Small molecule hyaluronic acid starts from the base to make the skin moist and plump; large molecule hyaluronic acid acts on the surface of the skin to keep moisture for a long time and repair dry lines. 90% French tripeptide, activate collagen neogenesis, Centella asiatica and tranexamic acid can repair skin barrier, brighten skin color, and make the eyes more bright. < / P > < p > Youth “positive” good, the future can be expected! In the new year, Lanzhi will join hands with Zhu Zhengting, the brand skin care ambassador, to continue to explore the mystery of skin youth, and help Asian women to show their natural beauty and shine in every highlight of their lives. Pets