Late pregnancy often “leg cramps”, not only the lack of calcium, but also may be the three reasons in the “strange”

After a woman is pregnant, life will change dramatically, not only the body becomes more and more heavy, but also be careful in many things. We should not only take good care of their own body, but also take into account the development of the baby. Especially in the third trimester of pregnancy, people are not able to move easily. In addition, with frequent birth examination, life is also busy. And later often appear “leg cramp” situation, is lack of calcium, or behind other reasons? Since her pregnancy, Xiao Gu has paid great attention to the intake of nutrition, especially calcium. Drink a glass of milk in the morning and evening every day. There are also meat and beans in the diet. To the third trimester of pregnancy, still under the guidance of doctors began to take calcium tablets. In Xiaogu’s mind, he and his children are absolutely impossible to lack calcium. But several nights later, Xiao Gu woke up with a cramp in his leg and went to the hospital the next day. < / P > < p > the doctor told Xiao Gu that there was no causal relationship between leg cramps and calcium deficiency. Leg cramps at night may be caused by low temperature in the room or catching cold at night. Xiao Gu understood that even if there was no calcium deficiency, leg cramps would occur. < / P > < p > in the third trimester of pregnancy, the weight of the fetus increases, and the weight that the pregnant mother needs to bear also increases a lot. Fetal size is larger, plus he will move in the stomach, it is possible to oppress the veins of the lower limbs. If the blood does not circulate for a long time, there will be leg cramps. Sometimes because the muscle is stimulated, accelerates the contraction, also can cause the leg cramp. < p > < p > in the third trimester, the weight of the pregnant mother was heavier, and one person was responsible for the weight of two people. If the amount of exercise suddenly increases, such as taking stairs, walking too much, or standing for a long time, it will increase the burden on the leg muscles. If the muscles are not relaxed and are always tight, they will cause leg cramps. < / P > < p > many pregnant mothers feel that the more meat they eat, the more nutrition their fetus will get. In fact, too much meat intake also means too much protein intake, which will affect metabolism, resulting in accumulation of acid metabolites in the body, disorder of leg nerves, and then lead to leg cramps. < / P > < p > at the beginning of the cramp, be sure to hold back the pain, stretch the lower leg forward, wait for the pain to relieve, and then you can start massage. Gently knead and press the calf muscles for about ten minutes. If there are family members, you can ask them to help press the sole of the foot, which can also relieve the pain caused by calf cramps. < / P > < p > hot compress can be combined with massage. After massage, hot towel can be applied to the place where the muscle is cramped to promote muscle relaxation. At the same time, gentle massage can be carried out to prevent leg cramps. < / P > < p > keep soaking feet in warm water for half an hour every day, which can not only reduce the number of leg cramps, but also promote the blood circulation of the whole body, relax the body and relieve fatigue. Soak your feet before going to bed every day can also improve the sleep quality of pregnant mothers. < p > < p > when the cramp occurs, the pregnant mother can relieve it by stretching. The simple way is to step on the steps, put the toes on the top of the steps, and straighten up the body, which can stretch the leg muscles and relieve leg cramps. Leg cramps are common in late pregnancy. There are many reasons for the occurrence, not necessarily calcium deficiency. Pregnant mothers can judge the causes according to their own conditions and prescribe the right medicine. When calm, don’t care about cramps. Focus